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  • Bollywood Star Mithun Chakraborty to be Trinamool candidate for LS

    Published on December 16, 2013

    MALDA (Hindusthan Samachar): Speculations are rife tinsel star  Mithun Chakraborty is likely to be fielded
    Mithun Chakraborty (3)  as the Trinamool Congress candidate from  the North Malda parliamentary constituency in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, TMC district President Sabitri Mitra who is also the minister of state female and social welfare department is too a valid name in the list of probable candidates.

    On the other hand, Srirupa Mitra Chowdhury who had recently resigned from the special task force constituted by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to monitor the incidents rape, trafficking and crime against woman in the country, has joined TMC.  Her joining in TMC has also added to the speculation that TMC also can choose her as a candidate from any of the two parliamentary constituencies in Malda.

    Srirupa had resigned from her post at the special task force on last Saturday and she has sent her resignation letter to the Prime Minister.

    One year has passed since the Delhi rape case had taken place and still rape cases are reported across the country. The central government has failed to take any fruitful action to reduce the crime against women in the country, said Srirupa on Sunday while being at the Trinamool party office at Kalitala in Malda.

    She also condemned the Congress party for its activities and role as the ruling party of the country. Srirupa said the government has remained heedless towards the issue of crime against woman in the country even after the Delhi rape case.

    She said whenever she visited West Bengal the central government forced her to make reports against Mamata Banerjee led state government. It had become impossible for her to tolerate the pressure further, added Srirupa.

    She further said the grave social-economic problems in the state such as poverty, lack of development and illiteracy had been inflicting pain in her which finally made her to join politics. Hence she joined TMC.

    When asked whether she wants to be a TMC candidate from Malda in the forthcoming parliamentary polls, Srirupa remained silent.

    Meanwhile, TMC district President Sabitri Mitra said, “The candidates’ names have not been discussed yet for the two parliamentary constituencies in Malda. The state leadership will look into the matter.”

    The district president further said, “I have also heard that Mithun Chakraborty may be the candidate from North Malda constituency. If Mithun Da really stands as our party candidate, we will surely manage to win over the constituency.”

    “Some of our party members want Srirupa Mitra Chowdhury as the candidate from the constituency but the final decision will be taken by the party chief Mamata Banerjee,” Sabitri added.

    According to her the many influential people in the district have also expressed their wish to appear as TMC candidate from South Malda constituency.


    1 Response for “ Bollywood Star Mithun Chakraborty to be Trinamool candidate for LS ”

    • Tarun Monga says:

      Politics of Disco and Drama:

      Mithun Chakraborty? Jaya Bachchan. Bapi Lahiri. The galaxy is filled with bright and beautiful people like 62 year old Mithunda, 70 year old Jaya Bachchan, so and so forth. Why not? The political parties are known for perpetually cheating poorest of the poor people since times immemorial. Why not this time again? Let the Malda people die of hunger, starvation, erosion and arsenic. Who cares? Let Mithun Chakraborty take a seat in Parliament and enjoy the “Lal Batti”. Ha ha ha. What a politics of deception!!

      Surely, Mamata Banerjee is not a fly/by politician. She moves the floor with the poor. She is the one who tweets in favour of the barefoot Bengali. Lets hope, the candle of pure “Mamata” (true compassion) continues to live by the side of the aam admi of Malda.

      Be warned, if by mistake TMC takes “lighthearts” or “logheads” to fray, the AAP sentiment may rise in Malda. This time, the aam admi will rise with jharu and sweep the floors of the disco dancers!!!

      If Malda has to fight the dynasty politics of Gandhis and Ghannis, let there be serious people like Nirbhoy didi Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury in fray, not the showpieces such as Monalisa, plastic flowers and painted faces.

      The big parties still believe the poor in the country love Maduri Dikshit. Like you and the respected social welfare minister Sabitri Mitra are hearing about Mithunda and enjoying the rumour, we are hearing too about BJP fielding Madhuri Dikshit against Sheila Dikshit in Delhi Lok Sabha. So, why not? Let there be Mausam versus Mithun. Dalu Mia versus Jaya. Let the political theatre for power, money and muscle rave the country.

      Dear Malda-iites, meanwhile, enjoy the drama of politics. But at the end, vote for Jharu (The symbol of clean politics). Otherwise, you will be trampled by the “humongous elephants” of the jungle of politics, sooner or later. Save yourself, by saving your vote for the best and the kindest.

      Cyrus Bharucha, your time is up. Come and jump into the theatre of Malda, the Jannatabad of Mango.

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