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  • Bombay Sapphire Launches Creator’s Hub – A Platform for Bartenders to Showcase their Creativity

    Published on September 25, 2020

    A positive mindset and an agile work ethic have been pivotal in navigating the challenges of the recent pandemic. With the aim of supporting the bartending community, Bombay Sapphire has launched The Creator’s Hub – a program that encourages and inspires bartenders to bring their creativity alive and give them the opportunity to share their passion and skills beyond bartending. 

    Through the virtual campaign, the brand has introduced an incentive led competition for the bartending community. To take part in the competition bartenders have to submit an innovative cocktail idea using Bombay Sapphire on their social media handle along with a description of ‘What makes them creative.’ 

    Five bartenders stand a chance to win a Creator’s Grant to pursue their creative passion, a mentorship session with an expert in their chosen creative field, one year’s supply of Bombay Sapphire and the opportunity to get their  cocktails featured on the menu of selected outlets

    As an interesting twist, the brand partnered with a consumer facing social media platform to reach out to consumers and  discover how the Indian consumer of today likes to drink their Bombay Sapphire. The consumer responses were collated and used to define the competition parameters and challenge the bartenders imagination to curate creative serves. 

    Aastha Gupta, Brand Manager – Premium White Spirits (India & SEA), Bacardi India Private Ltd. shared, “Bombay Sapphire has well established its identity as a brand that fosters creativity. Through the Creators Hub campaign, we want to support the bartending community by providing them with a platform to showcase their talent and guide them to channel their artistic potential and Stir Creativity in areas other than bartending.” 

    BOMBAY SAPPHIRE’s global platform – Stir Creativity – is not only a brand mission but a steadfast commitment to empowering people to awaken their creative potential; it’s a call to arms for everyone to engage with their creativity. Bombay inspires versatility and creativity in cocktail-making, which is why bartenders have recognized Bombay Sapphire as a canvas for creativity. 

    Bombay Sapphire embraces its inherent creativity aiming at actuating inner artists through creative and engaging experiences curated under its philosophy of ‘Stir Creativity’. Over the past two years, the brand has driven various initiatives as part of its Stir Creativity platform to inspire and unlock people’s creative potential. 


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