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Bookbanquetroom.com announces first of its kind – ‘ONLINE VENUE BOOKING’ solution globally

Mumbai: Bookbanquetroom.com announces its much-awaited online booking solution for booking events. The offering by the booking engine will make the process of booking a venue quicker and easier. This unique state-of-the-art online booking solution offers clients’ convenience to book an event 24/7 from the confines of their homes or offices or on the go.

One of the highlights of this booking engine is that it automates the entire booking process and provides customizable and reliable solutions to make it very convenient for its customers. The new booking system is built on the latest technology to help venue owners streamline their banquet operations thereby increasing revenues and maximizing profits. 

With this booking solution, the company aims to address the pain points of both customers and venue owners and streamline the banquet booking process in a smooth, efficient and transparent manner. 

It is an advanced booking engine developed to integrate seamlessly with different sales & catering systems to provide impeccable real-time connectivity. And should any venue not have a sales and catering system, BBR offers a digital diary as part of the solution to make the process from physical to digital.

The offering comes with various options which include real-time bookings, customization, multi-lingual, analytics, and reports as well as scalability options. With digital assistance and automated data processes, it serves careful assistance to its clients. Book Banquet addresses all the nuances that go with booking a banquet be it tentative, waitlist, or confirmed bookings, integration with systems, and automated follow-ups for businesses. The booking engine displays the real-time availability of inventories. The ability to interface with the sales and catering calendars makes it a truly ideal solution for banquet businesses. This booking solution is not limited only to star hotels, it can also be deployed at independent banquet halls, restaurants, or even offices.

Speaking about Book Banquet Room, Mr. Sarosh Khatib, Founder & CEO said “BBR comes with customization and branding options that are unlimited. It is a unique booking solution that caters to the needs of banquet businesses and consumers as well. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for e-commerce in hospitality which has thus far largely focused on rooms and restaurants, spas. Banquets were somehow left behind and we intend to correct this. The general perception is that software solutions are expensive and we want to dispel this myth as our objective is to provide world-class technology at affordable prices. In this digital age when everything is being done within a few clicks of your fingers, booking a banquet still follows the traditional manual process which becomes very tedious sometimes. Our new offering is focused on making lives easier for banquet business owners and for end consumers as well.”

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