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  • Boost immunity with tender chicken advices Suguna foods

    Published on January 14, 2022

    Bengaluru : With the new wave of Omicron doing the rounds, a robust immune system is critical to combat this tough phase. Nutrition is beneficial for the body’s ability to combat pathogenic infections. Chicken is a rich source of protein and an important immune booster. The tender and juicy chicken provides innumerable health benefits.

    The chicken when bred carefully contains a high source of protein, calcium, amino acids, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, magnesium, and other important nutrients. Some of the noticeable benefits of consuming tender chicken is that they are a good source of amino acids, since they are used by our bodies to generate muscular tissue, which is especially essential as we age. Higher protein consumption has also been found to help preserve bone mineral density. Consuming chicken can assist to create stronger muscles and promote healthier bones, lowering the chance of injuries and ailments like osteoporosis.

    Spokesperson from Suguna Foods said “Suguna goes to great lengths to guarantee that the chicken we produce is completely safe and nutritious for our customers. Our birds are housed in enclosures that have excellent ventilation and heating systems, allowing them to have free access to spaces and breed. Our in-house veterinarians keep a close eye on the chicks’ well-being and monitor the birds’ weight increase from the farm to the retail outlet.”

    Suguna Foods livebirds are available at leading poultry retail stores in the region.


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