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Boost Morale and Cheer Loud for Your Workforce on Employee Appreciation Day

The article is authored by Abhishek Shah, Entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO, of Testlify,

Employees are the heart of every organization. Every year on the first Friday of March comes Employee Appreciation Day, a special day observed by companies to show their employees how much they value and appreciate their hard work and dedication. Companies must recognize the tireless efforts and contribution made by every staff member, right from frontline staff to executives, every individual’s role is significant to the collective success of the company.

In most companies, the day is well planned by HR heads in tune with the Founders of the companies. Companies must celebrate Employee Appreciation Day for lasting engagement, consistent performance, retaining efficient staff, building culture, and reinforcing company core values. It is ‘empathy’, ‘gratitude’, and ‘flexibility’ that are the crux of sustaining the bond between employees and the employee and keeping the freshness, and zeal alive in a work atmosphere.

Boosting Morale on this day demonstrates to employees that their hard work and contributions are not going unnoticed. The feeling of appreciation and recognition can help employees reach several milestones and goals for the company’s success as they feel valued and an important part of the organization. Also, it provides job satisfaction, and job performance, and brings loyalty to the company. An appreciation gesture can lead to increased productivity, better quality work, and a more stable workforce.

Second, it can form a sense of community and better coordination with their co-workers. This can help to create a positive work culture where employees enjoy the comfort and support available to them. 

Some HR tips to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day to create a more positive work environment, increase employee loyalty, and ultimately achieve greater success.

-Hosting a special lunch treat or happy hour

-Providing small tokens of appreciation, such as gift cards or a note.

-Offer flexible schedules or a half day.

-Providing professional development opportunities, such as training or conferences.

-Hand out gifts like bags, headphones, or even a chocolate box

-Honour tenured employees and motivate newer employees

-Arrange for wellness and mindfulness activities at the workplace etc.

Be sure to balance your appreciation for big wins and little things as well. Use your website, social media channels, newsletter, company-wide newsfeed, or meetings as forums for practicing recognition on Employee Appreciation Day and year-round.

More than anything, senior leaders or team heads must do 1:1 with each of their staff members and sincerely express gratitude towards their workforce. This gesture will not just demonstrate the company’s values but hold in-depth respect for the leaders of the company.

Historically speaking, it was Dr Bob Nelson who introduced this day. We must be thankful to him for realizing the fact that the success of a company is heavily proportional to employee satisfaction and why it is important to emphasize boosting employee morale.

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