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  • Tuesday, March, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:15:55
  • Immunity – not just a buzzword that one hears at every conversation these days, but also a necessity – to become strong, healthy and to lead an active life. The journey towards building a healthy immune system starts from one’s childhood. Now, how many times has the spinach on your child’s plate been skipped or the orange fruit passed on to the friend next door? Many times, as children are picky eaters. With their reluctance to eat healthy food if it doesn’t please their taste palate, it falls in the hands of the mother to look out for options that enhance immunity while providing a great taste.

    Mothers today are constantly worried about the immunity of their family, especially their children. With that in mind, Glucovita Bolts, a Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting brand has brought into market a new Lemony flavour. Glucovita Bolts Lemony is a revolutionary product, rich in Vitamin C that helps boost immunity along with providing instant energy in a tasty easy-to-carry format.

    As part of the launch campaign, Glucovita Bolts recently launched a TVC showcasing the concerns of a mother to ensure her kids have enough immunity to shield them against any germs/ diseases, and her search for an option that boosts their immunity in a format that will be enjoyable for them.

    Talking about the launch of the new variant and the campaign, Mr. S Prasanna Rai, Vice President, Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting said, “A child’s immunity is always a top priority for the mothers, especially with the rising risks of them being prone to different and new strains of viruses, germs and bacteria. In an environment where kids stand a higher risk to fall sick or lose stamina, ensuring that their immunity stays strong in an enjoyable form became critical for the brand. With this objective, we launched the Lemony Glucovita Bolts with Vitamin C that provides instant energy, boosts immunity with a refreshing taste that aims to end all her troubles.”

    Mr. Mukesh Kumar, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy South while talking about the campaign said, “In today’s uncertain times, every mother wants to protect her child with various homemade immunity boosters but children being children, they always look for taste in everything they consume. The idea is to add taste to immunity with Glucovita Lemony Boltz. Our film showcases the challenges mothers face to feed their children with immunity led food or beverage and how refreshing Glucovita Lemony Bolts helps mother to put immunity into her children with some great taste.