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  • Boost your Kids Primary Development with Safe and Quality Baby Products by R for Rabbit

    Published on February 4, 2022

    The hassle and struggle the new parents undergo, from purchasing quality baby products to parenting, holds multiple challenges. Every phase of babies’ growth demands a different set of products. The soft and pampering skin of the newborns tends parents to prefer safe, quality, sustainable, and baby-friendly products. Before making a quality purchase, parents browse through the internet and seek suggestions from the elderly. Be it apparel, feeding products, diapers, baby gears, toys, everything from big to small needs to be the best.

    Baby gear becomes one of the essential products for infants to their growing age.  R for Rabbit offers internationally certified safe and quality products to ease your struggle finding the best baby gear.

    To seek parenting easy and joyful, R for Rabbit develops products focussed on kids’ primary development. Below are the list of baby products catering towards safety, quality, comfort, beautifully designed and available in different colors.

    I Bot- Bottle Warmer, Sterilizer

    Perfectly designed to keep the feeding bottle safe and hygienic, these newly launched I Bot- Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer are the perfect purchase for new parents and a suitable gifting product. A bottle sterilizer helps protect feeding bottles sterile and stops your baby from ingesting any germs from bacteria and alike. The device is beneficial as this maintains the hygienic level of your bottle and hence protecting the baby. I Bot- Bottle Warmer is a one-of-a-kind bottle, a food warmer, and a juicer that helps heat the food. The key feature of I Bot is that it is BPA-free material to ensure the complete safety of your baby.

    Ringa Ringa Walker

    Every First Step of a Baby counts for the parents. Walking is one of the most crucial phases of babies’ life. Once the kids start walking, parents provide the babies with walkers to ease the learning stage. The walker should be comfortable and attractive enough for the kids to play with it. R for Rabbit brings Ringa Ringa – The Anti Fall and Safe Rocking Baby Walkerlets your child enjoy the transition phase of walking on his own.  Its colorful attractive look with topmost safety features makes it an ideal match for your baby.


    A cradle is an essential product for babies as it helps in overall growth and development. Cradling will be an excellent relief to an overstimulated infant. It allows the baby to concentrate on only one face, and maybe just that person’s voice if they use it to appease the kid while within the cradle hold.  R for Rabbit’s Lullabies- The Singing Cradle, Its Automatic Gentle Balanced Swing embedded with 16 tunes & 6 nature’s music adds extra serenity to the ambiance. This also gives baby a comfortable and good night sleep.  Craddle holds a cognitive role in babies’ growth.

    Jack N Jill Grand – Convertible Baby Car Seat

    It’s not just around the home that you simply must have a checklist to make sure the baby safety, cars tend to be dangerous too. It is highly advised that it’s best to stay babies rear-facing for as long as possible and that they are safest within the backseat of the car. When used and installed correctly, child safety seats can prevent injury and infrequent death in the event of a motorcar crash. Jack and Jill Grand’s baby car seat is the safest car seat one parent could wish for.  The product is efficiently engineered and crash tested to meet the European Safety standards. Every minor point is perfectly taken care to give the safest product to your Baby. Jack N Jill Grand comes with a mechanism that makes it super easy to install and is convertible.

    Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycles

    Tricycles are essential once the baby grows. The product becomes the prime need for babies after 4 or 5 years. As the parents are becoming more aware, it is leading to the need permanently quality and Safe Tricycle. R for Rabbit brings Tiny Toes Sportz – The Plug & Play Trike, The Tricycle has a safe and excellent quality, with stylish Matt finishing and answers to all parents’ concerns for their babies. From Safety certification to an excellent Plug & Play system, it’s everything that a toddler and parent are taking care of to possess the foremost effective Trike for the little one.

    Road Runner

    As the kids grow, stuffed toys don’t seem enough. Toys like scooters become essential baby gear for babies and parents are always concerned for the safety of the same. To calm the worries of parents Road Runner scooty is a fantastic buy for toddlers. Parents and kids can enjoy a fun time with the product. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooter is light in weight and designed to form it a simple and enjoyable ride for your child. Its design is created so even a 3-year-old kid will easily learn to ride this scooter. It comes with an adjustable T Bar to use to regulate it to different heights and is admittedly very easy to use. The scooters are designed with attractive fluorescent colors to create your child to enjoy the scooter riding time stylishly.


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