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BOP Group collaborates with Migsun Group to Unveil Sales Potential at Rohini Central Mall

New Delhi: BOP Group, the leading real estate consultancy firm in the Delhi-NCR region with a legacy of over 17 years, is thrilled to announce its strategic collaboration with Migsun Group, one of the fastest-growing real estate conglomerates in Northern India. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the real estate industry, as both entities join forces to present an unparalleled sales opportunity at Rohini Central Mall.  BOP has acquired official rights to sell units worth ₹90 Cr. as a part of the opportunity.

The project covers a significant area of One Million sq. ft. in Rohini, New Delhi. In addition to commercial shops, Rohini Central Mall offers exclusive kiosks ranging from 130 to 320 sq. ft., with prices starting at ₹24,999/sq. ft. The Rohini Central Mall offers an array of commercial shops and unique kiosks, catering to diverse retail needs including jewellery, perfume, coffee, cosmetics, and more.

Mr. Gaurav Mavi, Co-founder of BOP Group, said “This collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to delivering exceptional value and unparalleled opportunities to our clients. The renowned address presents a unique blend of premium amenities, strategic location, and innovative retail offerings, making it an ideal investment opportunity for discerning investors.”

Mr. Yash Miglani, Director of Migsun Group stated “BOP Group has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality, transparency, and excellence in the real estate sector, specializing in residential and commercial projects. Together, we aim to redefine the retail experience and create a thriving hub of commerce and entertainment in the heart of Rohini”.

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