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  • Bored Games: A Unique Platform by TopSocial For Innovative Content

    Published on March 12, 2021

    Delhi: In order to provide new and fresh content, TopSocial India, an innovative influencer marketing platform, has launched its very own content media channel, ‘Bored Games’. Identifying as a platform where a bunch of marketeers create content when bored, the channel is a hub where people can head in their leisure/‘bored’ times. 

    Bored Games aims to provide businesses with an avenue to connect with their audiences through innovative associations. With targeted interactive content led by marketeers, ‘Bored Games’ gathers critical youth insights, eventually offering brands a platform to further engage consumers & develop brand-building initiatives to achieve their business objectives.

    Innovative content plays a vital role in projecting brand’s image, as it helps in establishing connection between brand and the end consumer. ‘Bored Games’ plays a vital role in bridging this gap by offering unique contents.

    Launched on January 18, 2021, Bored Games has already hit the right strings targeting Millennials and Generation Z. With their content gathering more than 2.6Mn+ interactions, within just 1 month of inception, Bored Games has already marked their arrival. 

    In their latest campaign, #OooWomaniyaar on International Women’s Day, the channel broke gender stereotypes. #OooWomaniyaar shed light on stereotypical situations women have to face in their daily lives. 

    With innovative and snackable content under the campaign, Bored Games highlighted the ways in which awareness can be spread for gender equality, boost mindfulness in gender-responsive social systems, and enhance the struggles met by women and girls. This was supported by a contest inviting women to share their mantras to respond to such gender stereotypes. The campaign received over 100K+ views and 200+ contest entries, with budding creators participating in huge numbers. 

    Their first Campaign, #FunnyTohPhasee, was initiated to gather audience insights and create engagement. The campaign received over 200+ entries and over 15.9K views on Instagram. The campaign video received over 25K views on Youtube as well. 

    Highlighting the vision of the platform, Asmita Arya, Content and Innovation, Bored Games, said, “We are front-runners when it comes to new trends, and developing meaningful conversations around them is our core capability. Our goal is to now start trends around common social situations”. 

    Viraj Khetle, Business and Growth, Bored Games, underlined the gap between content and Influencer marketing and said, “Relevancy is much more effective than pure quality when it comes to Content & Influencer marketing. It’s essential to speak to people in a language they understand, and communicate to them clearly”. 

    With Topsocial leading the Influencer Marketing and allied projects, Bored Games is the exclusive content distribution channel launched by Topsocial India. 


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