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  • Boss Chiller’s surprise ingredient catches contestants off-guard on Chef Vs Fridge Season 2. Will they be able to survive?

    Published on May 20, 2022

    Zee Café’s Chef Vs Fridge is known for its unique tasks. While the judges challenge the contestants with the themes and YOTD- Yantra of The Day, the boos chiller’s ingredient always passes a shock wave. Coming 15 minutes post the start of the cooking time, this ingredient surely shocks the contestants who then have to deflect their plans. While the challenge thrown by the refrigerator is never easy, this week it proved to be the biggest nightmare for the contestants.

    With the theme of the show being Sugar and its techniques, this week’s contestants Chefs Kunal Arolkar and Shailesh Bhutada get on their cooking platforms to create their recipes of the best desserts balancing sweetness through sugar techniques. But the twist comes when the boss chiller challenges them to include boiled egg in their dessert. Speaking about the challenge, Chef Kunal said, “When I saw the eggs in the refrigerator, I was quite happy as I was already using eggs in my dish. But when I came to know that these were boiled eggs then again stress crept into my mind. I was initially unable to think of ways to incorporate that product into my dessert.” Do the two Chefs succeed? Who does it better? Watch in this week’s episode of Chef Vs Fridge Season 2.

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