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  • Boston-Based Personalized Nutrition Startup, Baze, Announces Fda Approval For Blood-Based Testing Kits

    Published on January 24, 2020

    BOSTON, MA : Baze, one of America’s leading evidence-based personalized nutrition companies, today announced approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its at-home blood collection process. Achieving this regulatory milestone allows consumers to utilize Baze’s at-home blood testing kits to assess their blood nutrient status, which Baze analyzes to offer nutrition plans and supplement subscriptions specifically curated for individual customers’ needs and deficiencies.

    Each consumer’s nutrient status is analyzed using Baze’s patented Nutrition Information System, a proprietary analytics platform that maps an individual’s nutrient levels against leading research to determine his or her ideal supplement regimen. This approach significantly impacts the health of consumers, eliminating over 73% of nutrient deficiencies in just three months. Supplements offered through Baze’s monthly program include Choline, for healthy brain and nervous system support; Magnesium, for restful sleep, nerve health, and digestive support; and Vitamin D for cognitive function, libido, and fertility.

    “Our evidence-based approach has been a cornerstone of our development,” said Philipp Schulte, Co-Founder and CEO, Baze. “The FDA’s approval of our blood collection kit further reinforces that commitment to science, compliance, and safety. This will allow even more people to quickly and conveniently assess their nutrient deficiencies within their homes, without the hassle and cost of unnecessary trips to the doctor.  This is a game-changer for the future of Baze, and, more importantly, for the future of personalized nutrition.”

    Baze works with customers over time to help them optimize their nutrient status into their Baze Zone – the range at which research has shown will deliver the best health outcomes. The Baze Zone is a deeply personal measure that varies with time, circumstance and life events. Customers are able to re-test every six months in order to ensure their supplement subscriptions remain at the ideal level.

    After developing their science-driven approach to personalized nutrition in Berlin, Germany over the last five years, Baze launched in the United States in 2018 under an IRB-monitored study. In August 2019, Baze raised $6M in Series A funding led by Nature’s Way, one of America’s leading supplement companies. In addition to expansion of their executive team, Baze utilized the additional funds to broaden their nutrient panel, deepen their data analytics, and begin exploratory work into partner-driven food subscription programs.

    “Nutrition is the foundational aspect of everyone’s health,” said Allison Baker, Vice President of Business Development, Baze. “Yet managing nutrition is currently the largest black-box in our healthcare system. Gaining regulatory approval for our approach is a huge step in allowing us to shine a light on what nutrients people actually need. Healthcare is deeply personal, and through our expanded reach we will be able to help many more people make informed, personalized choices with their food and supplement regimen.”