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    BPF separates from North East Democratic Alliance in Assam. Joins, Congress led Grand Alliance

    Published on February 28, 2021

    by Sudip Sharma Chowdhury 

    Guwahati : Addressing, the GrandAlliance Press Conference, conducted today, President, APCC, Ripun Bora, welcomed Chairperson, Bodoland People’s Front, Sri HagramaMohilary to the Mahajot and iterated, the importance of an inclusive alliance to the Press, affirming, “The Congress Mahajot,has increased its strength as our old friends, the Bodoland People’s Front join us. Assam’s destiny is about to change for the better. Many tributaries join together to make a strong river andthe Congress-led Mahajot gets one more partner, the BPF, adding to the AGM, AIUDF, CPI, CPI (M), and the CPI (ML).

    The AsomBasaonAhok Yatra, has had such massive impact across the state that our friends, the Bodoland People’s Front, could see which way the wind is blowing. Congress is coming and we are proud to partner with the BPF.We will aim to go faster, stronger, higher! For Assam, for the people – Congress is coming to power on 2nd May 2021. In every corner of Assam, trust means Congress and we are grateful for the renewed faith Sri HagramaMohillary has shown in the Congress.” The BPF has in the past tried to assert the integrity of the indigenous land, only to be let down by the Ruling Government.

    The BPF has maintained its stronghold in the Bodoland Territorial Region which won 12 seats in the 2016 Assembly Elections. For the 2021 elections, the BPF can clearly see the wind blowing in Congress’ direction and believes that for the betterment of the people of Bodoland, they must be a part of the winning alliance. Chairperson, Bodoland People’s Front, SriHagramaMohilary, firmly declared to the Press , “The people of Assam are struggling with rampant inflation and massunemployment, along with which, the insensitive BJP government is imposing the anti-people CAA law. The people are so fed up that they are chanting ‘Assam Bachao’. For thesereasons I too, believe, that the Congress can give Assam better governance.

    The BPFhas joined the Congress-led Mahajot, because there was a demand for it, from the people of Bodoland. The people can see the BJP has become unpopular and is being routed thiselection. The Mahajot is coming to power and the BPF, with them.We have seen public sentiment across Assam, change in favour of Congress, over the last few weeks. Securing the best for the people of Bodoland, need the BPF to be part of the winning alliance.” Secretary AICC, Sri Anirudh Singh firmly stated, “The idea of the Mahajot is to represent the diversity of Assam, and the Congress welcomes BPF in this mission. United we stand,as the BPF joins the Congress-led Mahajot, the aspirations of the people of Assam are about to find voice and shape in the form of a MahajotGovernment.the Bodoland People’s Front also agrees, the best party to lead the state, to maintain peace and bring prosperity, is the Congress. When we said the Congress is going to win 101 seats, people said we don’t even have a Bodo ally. Now we do, and Assam’s destiny is about to change for the better.

    The AICC warmly, welcomes SriHagramaMohilary to the Mahajot.” All members of the Congress-led Grand Alliance were present at the Press Conference with a unanimous voice echoing immense solidarity, to fight the communal politics, which has decayed the cultural ethos of the State in the past 5 years. The Party is confident that, the people of Assam, will recognise the empathic-drive of the Congress Party. Reclaiming their distinctive identities and reshaping their destiny, at the Assam Assembly Elections,2021