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  • The debate as to whether Poker-like games are skill based or that of pure luck has finally been settled. Some of the skill-based games are quite entertaining and at the same time they test skills and experience, possibly as a brain teaser. Especially games like Poker require the players to use 100 percent of their grey cells. We have handpicked some skill oriented games that wouldn’t just entertain, but also help you otherwise by enhancing abilities like thinking and strategy. Take a look:


    Poker tops the list of such games owing to its proven prowess as a game that hones a number of skills, and even makes us great workers. It calls for a poker face and the ability to remain composed under pressure, regardless of the suitability of your cards. It also requires the ability to make decisions quickly, calculate probabilities, and persuade people that you might not have the greatest cards. Whoever remains at the table the longest is declared the winner. To reduce your losses, you must also learn when to fold or quit the game. One such site where you may play this skill-based game and make money alongside is Mega Poker. You can play with players who have comparable skill levels, whether they are amateur, intermediate, or professional. Fair play is guaranteed by the RNG-certified platform, which also provides GST cashback.


    Chess is a brain and wit game in which players must use all of their cognitive power in addition to skill sets that they have developed over years. Chess.com is a website that allows you to play the game online versus a computer or against someone with comparable skill levels. There are additional competitions available. Additionally, it provides entertaining and creative variations such as Spell Chess, Duck Chess, Fog of War, and 4 player chess. Chess seminars and online tutorials are available for people who want to become experts in the game. You can pick up the subtleties of the games with the aid of live coaches. There is a leaderboard that you may check out to see how you compare to other players and strive to climb.


    Players’ all-time favorite game is rummy. It can be played by two or six players. At Mega Rummy and Rummy Circle, the online version is highly well-liked. To win this game, all you have to do is arrange the cards into a set or sequence. You can keep switching cards till you get to desired sequence. The objective of this strategy game is to arrange cards in the greatest possible way before anyone else does. It’s also a speed game. The objective is to get rid of the useless cards you now have and form the combination that could win you the lottery. You can enjoy a wonderful evening playing it with family or friends.


    We’ve all played the game with our siblings, cursed our luck when we didn’t get the necessary numbers, and screamed and sobbed when someone cheated. Still, there’s more to this game than pure luck—it’s more about applying the correct analytical skills. To get to your home region before everyone else, you need to know which of the four tokens you need to shift. To win the game, you must plan out every move you make as you go across the ludo board. Steer clear of obstacles and traps while you zigzag your way to victory. Playerzpot offers a Ludo game for you to play.


    Known by several names, including Three Cards, Flush, or Flash, this game has its roots in India. It’s a spin on the widely played card games in England, such as poker and three-card brag. Teen Patti is a game with few rules, yet mastering it takes expertise to beat opponents. Engage in an endlessly enjoyable evening by playing this game on MPL-Mobile Premiere League. Since it is customary to play this game in India on several occasions, many people are familiar with the rules.


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