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  • Brando Chiesa’s latest collaboration in the fashion world with Revenant RV NT garners headlines and how

    Published on February 17, 2022

    Brando Chiesa, the famous tattoo artist and fashionpreneur teamed up with the clothing brand and took MFW by storm.

    It is incredible to see how different brands and businesses have changed the trajectory of their respective industries around the world. It is essential to throw more light on these businesses and the astute minds behind them that make sure to grow their niches to the next level of success. Amidst this, we have also noticed massive collaborations across industries, especially the fashion world, which is rocked by several incredible fashion brands. Among them, we couldn’t help but notice how the famous tattoo artist and fashionpreneur Brando Chiesa joined hands with another popular clothing brand called Revenant RV NT.

    It was great to see how Revenant RV NT had taken the Milan Fashion Week (MFW) by storm by showcasing the Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection with a video and a lookbook as a part of MFW. Among their outstanding collection, for their Fashion Nightmare collection, they came together with Brando Chiesa. This particular collaboration led the tattoo artist to transform the brand’s signature chain into the animation of his famous comic girls and a skull instead of a padlock. His skills in tattooing and designing also helped him work around reinterpreting the famous clothing brand’s logo, giving it a gothic look. The video consists of three boys with an appointment in the woods with a goal set to do a fashion show in 24 hours. Time isn’t enough with him, and with all the happenings around the fashion system, they are determined to create a perfect combination of chain and mangas.

    Brando Chiesa, who owns his own clothing brand called Brando Chiesa clothing, was elated to be a part of the project and made sure to give it his all in the same to turn it into success. His brand is recently launched, and he has so far collaborated with many others in the industry as well because he aims to take his art around other fashion brands.
    To know more, follow him on Instagram @brando__xoxo.


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