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Breaking The Glass Ceiling – Himani Singh

Oftentimes in life, it is easy to keep doing what you know works and stick to the paths that you are sure will lead to success or positive results. It takes courage and determination to make a decision to stray from the obvious route and not many people have that. While it might seem daunting at first, the path less ventured might just lead you to results that the mainstream way might not. One such person who has chosen to stray from the norms and gotten immense success is Himani Singh. Himani Singh is a DJ and Emcee and is also India’s first musical entertainer.

While there are several Djs and Emcees across the country, you rarely find someone doing something out of the ordinary, but Himani Singh, over the course of her career has done just that. Starting from the ground up, today she has achieved immeasurable success and has worked with some of the most notable artists in the music industry. While she has worked on projects that are the norm, she has never shied away from experimenting and picking up projects other artists might think twice about like hosting a Poker Sports League on Voot and hosting the first ever charity Virtual Poker League! This kind of decision not only takes courage but also a sense of confidence and reliability in your work. It is of utmost importance to your capability and the extent to which you are capable of pushing yourself. Himani did not only that but also pushed herself further to go beyond her comfort zone. This goes to show just how good she is at her art. Her versatility is admirable and it is refreshing to see someone that knows what they want and is willing to push themselves for it. Apart from this, she has also Emceed for several events like Lamborghini’s exclusive events, reality shows like Fame House, and an exclusive event for the World Tennis Association with the likes of Neha Dhupia and Sania Mirza! 

If you thought that this was the end of the list of achievements Himani has, then think again! She has worked with brands like MX Player, Anchor, Voot, Nilkamal, Abbott, and W Goa. She has received love and appreciation from not only her audience but also her peers. We could go on about her success but a few words cannot do justice to the work she has put in to achieve all of this. All of this success and the diversity of arenas that she chooses to work in just go to show how talented she is as an artist and the kind of work that she puts in to make it work. Her energy on stage is contagious and the party begins when she enters! With the way she is growing, she is well on her way to reach the top.

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