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    Published on July 30, 2010

    Houston Texas:  Breast reconstruction helps in the re-creation of the breast with focus on its form, size, shape and structure. The procedure can be performed by skilled and experienced plastic surgeons in Houston, Texas for patients who have undergone partial or full mastectomy. The surgical procedure can also be considered by those who notice abnormalities in the development of their breasts, or even congenital absence of breasts.

    Options for Breast Reconstruction

    Patients have two options before them for breast reconstruction – autologous tissue reconstruction and reconstruction with implants. A plastic surgeon who offers both the procedures would be able to recommend the best option suited for one’s particular condition.

    Autologous tissue reconstruction utilizes the patient’s own living tissue. DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) is one popular and excellent procedure that uses skin and fat form the abdomen to recreate the breast. It is a tedious procedure, but plastic surgeons recommend it as it gives the breasts their natural feel with decreased long-term complications.

    Breast reconstruction using implants is simple, and can be carried out with minimal pain or discomfort. But it involves certain risks and complications. An expander prosthesis – which constitutes a silicone bag – is used to expand the skin and soft tissue of the chest. Over a period of time, the bag is inflated with saline solution. Once the required stretching of skin is achieved, the expander is removed and the implant is placed.

    Recreation of the nipple and tattooing of the areola are the steps which follow after either of the two procedures. The nipple may be reconstructed with a local tissue flap or it may be augmented with a small piece of cartilage.

    Breast Reconstruction Helps Women Reclaim Their Identity and Pride

    Plastic surgeons in Houston Texas who offer breast reconstruction are known for their expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field. They strive to understand and discuss each patient’s needs and help them make an informed decision. Breast reconstruction surgery can be a milestone step for many women, enabling them to reclaim their femininity and pride.