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  • Brooke Bond Launches Tea Council to Promote Health Benefits of Tea

    Published on September 7, 2010

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:

    •Brooke Bond Tea Council is here to bust myths and announces that Tea is Healthy because it has a number of goodies like Flavonoids which have many health benefits for the heart, mind, immunity and weight management
    •The Brooke Bond Tea Council encourages an average Indian to drink three cups of tea daily to help contribute to good health
    Brooke Bond launched the Brooke Bond Tea Council at a function held in Mumbai today. Brooke Bond has launched the Brooke Bond Tea Council with the aim to spread awareness, dispel myths and misconceptions existing around Tea and educate people on the health benefits of Tea.
    The Brooke Bond Tea Council comprises of experts from the tea and health fraternity who have joined hands to change existing perceptions on tea to establish its health credentials. The Council has distinguished representatives from various fields – Nutritionists like Dr Anjali Mukerjee and Ms Ishi Khosla; Dr N. Muraleedharan, Advisor of United Plantation Association of South India (UPASI); Dr Gautam Banerjee, Scientist, Hindustan Unilever Research Centre(HURC); and Mr. Sanjiv Chatterji, Tea Excellence Centre, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
    As part of the initiative, Brooke Bond Tea Council unveiled a health paper on tea, detailing the findings of the Brooke Bond White Paper Study, as well as tea’s history and its proven health benefits. The Brooke Bond White Paper Study is based on a nation wide survey conducted by AC Nielsen and commissioned by Brooke Bond, India’s leading tea brand. The survey, which covered over one thousand respondents across 12 cities to understand the perceptions of tea among Indian consumers, reveals several misconceptions prevalent about this centuries’ old beverage.
    The survey reveals that though Tea is the most popular beverage in India, 77% of the consumers surveyed actually believe that Tea is unhealthy – and the cause of various ailments like acidity and nausea; it is addictive, bad for children and causes skin darkening. About 61% of the respondents believe Tea is considered traditional and for the older generation — in fact, the perception amongst the youth of today is that beverages like energy drinks and juices are healthier than Tea. These incorrect perceptions and myths about tea are in many ways contributing to the declining consumption of tea by younger consumers.
    Tea is indeed a Super Food. It has a host of goodies with various health benefits. Flavonoids, which are naturally present in many other foods such as vegetables, fruits, wine, whole grains and tea, with tea being one of the richest source of these Flavonoids, are known to be beneficial for the heart. L-theanine is an amino acid, found almost exclusively in both green and black tea and is known for its mind benefits. Weight management, immunity and oral health are among other benefits of tea. It is, in fact, a health supplement that has a multidimensional role which, apart from having cardio-protective effects and effects on mental and physical lethargy, can also contribute to oral health and complement a weight management diet and health regime.
    The Brooke Bond Tea Council aims to be the tea industry’s thought leader. The Council will take up innovative interventions that can help identify issues, correct misconceptions and spread awareness to make tea a healthy beverage and restore it to its rightful place as our national beverage. The Brooke Bond Tea Council aim is to encourage people to drink three cups of tea daily to help contribute to good health.
    Arun Srinivas, Category Head-Beverages, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, said, “India has seen a sea of change in everything; from gizmos to lifestyle patterns. The rise of convenience culture has created a leaning towards new age, but unhealthier beverages. It is necessary to propagate the natural goodness of Tea and bust myths, so that consumers continue to harness the health benefits of this Superfood.”
    Brooke Bond has over 140 years of Tea expertise and has been catering to the diverse preferences of consumers across the country. As the market leader in Tea, Brooke Bond has always been at the forefront of new initiatives in the tea segment in India.