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  • Budget Reaction – Mr. Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds Pvt Ltd

    Published on February 1, 2021

    “Budget 2021 was indeed one of the most awaited announcement in recent times as it became evident as a harbinger for the revival of the economy. Union Budget 2021 has been a holistic, progressive and planned one that aims to take India forward towards a new socio-economic resurgence over the next decade. The Financial bill encompasses equitable and appropriate attention to the vital pillars of development such as healthcare, education, physical and financial capital, agriculture, infrastructure, inclusive development for aspirational India, reinvigorating human capital, innovation and R&D.

    The focus on the agriculture sector as expected has been satisfactory with key action points such as 1,000 more agricultural mandis integrated with e-National Agriculture Market being proposed. the rising government spending for purchasing grains and pulses at support prices, with an aim to further strengthen the state-regulated markets, or APMCs is noteworthy. Government’s Agricultural credit target attuned to INR 16.5 lakh crores in FY22 is a welcome move.

    This will also encourage the farmers to invest more which will only contribute positively towards the growth of the country. Focus on ensuring increased credit flows to animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries is something we had been advocating. The budget had nothing specific related to animal husbandry. MSP should have also been fixed for the poultry industry so that farmers did not get affected by the fluctuating market. Increasing allocation to the Rural Development Fund is a constructive move towards boosting of the rural economy and increasing employment opportunities. Development of modern fishing harbours and fish landing centres, along the banks of rivers and waterways will further bolster the fisheries sector which holds tremendous potential. We also welcome the increase in duty in fish and shrimp feed. Hon’ble Finance Minister has rightly put forth the need to improve agricultural infrastructure in the country in order to boost output of the sector.

    For seamless supply chain and logistics, the focus on rail and road infrastructure especially, freight corridors will enhance competitiveness of Indian agriculture sector by lowering the cost of transportation and better connectivity between production and consumption markets, not just domestic but also globally. Overall the budget leaves room for optimism but left the poultry sector in a lurch.” – Mr Amit Saraogi,  Managing Director, Anmol Feeds Pvt Ltd


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