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  • Budget Reaction_Dr Prakriti Poddar, Mental Health Expert,Director Poddar Wellness Ltd.

    Published on July 5, 2019

    Dr. Prakriti Poddar, an expert in Mental Health, Education, HR and Business Upliftment, Managing Trustee of Poddar Foundation and Director Poddar Wellness Ltd.
    “Firstly, it was very heartening to see a woman break another glass ceiling by presenting the Indian budget as the first full-time female Finance Minister. It clearly shows that when given equal opportunities, there is no barrier a woman cannot cross. The Finance Minister also clearly underlined that the country cannot progress unless the condition of women is improved. In this regard, the expansion of the Women Self Help Group (SHG) Interest Subvention Programme across all districts is a highly welcome announcement. It will help empower women by encouraging women entrepreneurship. Making one woman in every SHG eligible for a loan of 1 lakh rupees under MUDRA scheme will open a host of entrepreneurial and social upliftment opportunities for women. The FM also proposed a committee to evaluate and suggest measures to improve women’s welfare. I would like to request the government that this committee must also include women from rural areas and those who are in touch with the grassroots. Also, we are still in hope when mental health will be part of the insurance policy, that will not just help women in general but also the entire population who suffers from this problem.’’