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  • A passion for exploring and understanding the technicalities behind enticing, user friendly, and problem-solving apps, could be easily converted into an employable skill through advanced Android app development trainings. Noticing the growing popularity of mobile apps among users, mastering app development skills would certainly guarantee your employability and bring a gamut of career opportunities to choose from. 

    However, before finalising Android app development as a career path and selecting a training program to learn it, an undergraduate, graduate, or an employee looking for a career change must know what the expectations, demands, trends, skills, and responsibilities in the field look like. 

    Let’s take a look at some important details that can help build your knowledge as a beginner before you venture in the field of Android app development. 

    Why learn Android app development 

    The convenience of communication, self-expression, entertainment, and awareness and the ease of performing essential daily tasks like paying bills, navigation, calculation, learning, shopping, and making online transactions, anytime from anywhere, is only possible with well-built apps. Android operating system runs on numerous devices of different brands and is thus largely popular among users, developers, and brands. 

    Android app developers and brands work closely to design innovative, easy to use, and informative mobile apps that can attract the brand’s targeted customers. To increase customer conversion, retention, and loyalty, Android apps should have advanced features such as push notifications, feedback system, social integration, personalisation, augmented reality, indoor maps, payment gateway, advanced analytics, barcode scanner, business contacting details, and complete security. And, these features could only be built by expert app developers. Customers’ growing dependency on mobile apps and brands’ willingness to develop world-class applications is leading to a surge in job opportunities for Android app developers. Knowledge of this open source and easy-to-learn operating system featuring a huge customer base, could help you find lucrative job opportunities across different industries. 

    In-demand skills for Android app development 

    For constant career growth in the field of Android app development, proficiency in technical skills is a must. Knowledge of Kotlin (or Java programming language) and its components including variables and operators, strings, functions and arrays, conditions, loops and lists, and understanding of errors and exceptions, inheritance and interfaces, and classes in Kotlin is important. 

    Knowledge of Android studio, backend programming skills, material design guidelines, XML, Git, SQL, and Android SDK concepts are few other technical skills that employers usually look for while hiring Android app developers. As app developers usually work with different departments and understand and integrate their ideas into the product, soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, listening, writing, problem solving, strategic thinking, analysing, and passion for their work is extremely important. As an Android app developer, you will work in an ever changing environment and thus, knowledge of trends in Android, competitors’ behavior, new and obsolete technologies, and customer requirements should also be kept in mind. 

    Everyday responsibilities and career opportunities in the field 

    You can work as a volunteer, intern, freelancer, part-time, or full-time employee with a start-up, MNC, or even for your own business, as an Android app developer. On a regular basis, you would focus on designing, developing, maintaining, improving, and testing apps keeping user experience in mind. You will enhance the apps’ interface, deal with bugs timely, and code a lot. A balance of creativity and simplicity would be required to ensure that the app is exactly what the brand/ or your client demands. You will collaborate with different team members time-to-time for suggestions, ideas, and feedback, work with databases and APIs, implement unit tests, and make sure that the app is up-to-date with the new technological advancements. 

    However, if you plan to start your own business and build an Android app, you will have to do various other tasks adding to the above mentioned ones. You will have to choose a problem, think of the best solution, and then solve it through your app. The solution must be unique and if it is not, it must be more efficient than the ones being provided by your competitors. You will have to research and choose your target market, define the elevator pitch, decide whether to build a native, hybrid or web app, know the monetization options, and build a marketing strategy for pre and post launch. You will also work on the plan for Google store optimisation and privacy and security policy in the app. 

    The acquired technical and soft-skills would allow you to work in roles like Android app developer, Android development engineer, AI/ML android app developer, Android app tester, game developer, UI developer, Android OS engineer, or development engineer – Android, GUI designer, application programmer. Other than landing these lucrative job roles in the field of Android, Kotlin skills can also be used in cross-platform shared logic, web development, backend development, Kotlin native, and data science. 

    Courtesy: Internshala Trainings (www.trainings.internshala.com) – e-learning platform to learn new-age skills from Internshala. 


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