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  • Building a collaborative campaign to raise awareness surrounding Muhurat Trading, TradeSmart announces the beginning of #SmartArambh

    Published on October 28, 2021

    Just for one hour, the Indian Stock Exchange opens for Muhurat Trading on Diwali – November 4 TradeSmart plans to assist its clients to make the most of this precious time

    Mumbai: In a bid to begin the upcoming financial year on a positive note, every year the Indian Stock Exchange market opens for one hour during Diwali – the biggest time to trade in the industry. The entire brokerage community comes together to trade after performing Lakshmi Pujan at this auspicious time which is relevantly called as Muhurat Trading. This year it falls on 4th November, opens at 6:15 PM IST and closes at 7:15 PM IST. A 50 years old tradition – a once in a year one-hour window, still not known by most Indians, is a lost opportunity to make smart money by trading enthusiasts. This is where TradeSmart’s bonafide Muhurat Trading Campaign #SmartAarambh comes into the picture to spread awareness and educate the masses on the significance of Muhurat Trading.

    Embarking on the Campaign from 26th October, TradeSmart – a digital-first new-age platform for discount brokerage services in the stock, commodity, and currency trading segment; comes forward to have every Indian trade at the Muhurat Trading window just like that of the ages old tradition to invest in Gold products every Dhanteras. And in order to encourage the Indian population, the brand brings together potential investors, experienced traders, financial influencers, and its associate partners to leverage TradeSmart’s industry expertise and impart awareness on this remarkable opportunity when the Indian share market is at its peak.

    TradeSmart’s #SmartAarambh Campaign is phased out in three sections: The first phase has already been launched using social media platforms, innovative offers, creative and engaging contests, live promotional activities, digital advertisements, and similar features to build awareness around the Muhurat Trading concept. Post which, the brand will conduct an Ask Me Anything session, an Insta-live bout for real-time interactions with financial influencers, and compelling countdown reminders leading to the D Day scheduled on 4th November. In the third and final phase, TradeSmart will continue to have a sustenance plan to cater to investors who miss out of the Muhurat Trading window – giving them a message that it is always a #SmartAarambh to start trading investments.

    On this occasion, Vikas Singhania, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TradeSmart, said, “Some 30 years back, there were no online trading facilities, so traders used to get together at Bombay Stock Exchange and trade to make profits in an hour during Diwali to set a positive and festive tone to the trading practice. Today, when we’ve got better technology and access to unlimited knowledge, this Muhurat Trading trend has flourished through the years, yet it has a lot of untapped potential to increase numbers and volumes of trade. Millions of millennials and Gen Z Indian population are unaware of this incredible opportunity, and TradeSmart aims to introduce them to this opportune concept. Having seen an overwhelming response on trading from the younger generation in the last 2 years, it is time to take the baton and carry this tradition forward while we provide our customers with utmost guidance and support.”

    The promotional offers can be availed by anyone opening a Free Demat Account with TradeSmart by 3rd November to trade successfully on 4th November at this once in a year auspicious moment.


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