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  • BurdaLuxury Appoints Annesha Sanyal as Country Director, Brand Solutions & Marketing, Reinforcing Commitment to Growth in India

    Published on May 15, 2024

     Bangkok – BurdaLuxury, one of Asia’s leading media companies, has named Annesha Sanyal as Country Director,

     Brand Solutions & Marketing, effective immediately. Sanyal will be responsible for the leadership of all sales and marketing operations across BurdaLuxury India, which include brands such as Travel + Leisure India & South Asia, Lifestyle Asia India, Architecture

     + Design India, as well as the company’s in-flight magazine portfolio.

    BurdaLuxury has seen substantial growth in India over the past decade, becoming a leader in the region’s media landscape,

     and Sanyal’s appointment further underscores this continued commitment for growth and expansion. In her two years at BurdaLuxury, she has leveraged her extensive network and deep understanding of the region’s media landscape to cultivate strong relationships

     that have propelled the organisation’s growth trajectory. Sanyal brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously served as General Manager at Worldwide Media Pvt. Ltd., where she spearheaded large-scale content creation projects. Sanyal’s approach

     to engaging partners in the lifestyle sector has been transformative, through significantly expanding verticals to the company’s portfolio to include luxury goods, beauty brands, and spirits, she further strengthens BurdaLuxury’s offerings to cater to diverse

     client needs and deliver tangible results. 

    “I am truly honoured and thrilled to take on this role,” said Country Director, Brand Solutions & Marketing, Annesha Sanyal.

     “Over the past two years at BurdaLuxury, I have had the privilege of working with an incredible team that has contributed to our success in India. With this new role, I aim to cultivate stronger collaborations across our travel, lifestyle, and architecture

     verticals and am looking forward to joining hands with our partners to ignite innovation, enhance efficiency, and co-create solutions that will elevate BurdaLuxury’s position as the ultimate hub for premium and luxury brand solutions in India and propel us

     towards greater success.”

    BurdaLuxury has experienced a surge in brand collaborations and events that have solidified its presence in India. A notable

     example was the Soul Festival in Jaipur, an invite-only event celebrating art, wellness, music, and food, while setting a new benchmark for luxury experiences in India. In partnership with Ananta Hotels & Resorts, the Soul Festival attracted high-profile attendees

     and generated compelling experiences for audiences, while expanding the hotel’s reach through collaboration with Lifestyle Asia India, Travel + Leisure India & South Asia, and Architecture + Design, India. This success is a testament to BurdaLuxury’s innovative

     approach and its commitment to offering unparalleled access, from exclusive events in partnership with luxury brands to campaigns with tourism boards reaching vast audiences. 

    “I am delighted to have Annesha take the role of Country Director, Brand Solutions and Marketing. Annesha has over 19 years

     of experience in the industry, excelling in sales and marketing. She’s known for her ability to build lasting relationships and deliver results that exceed expectations,” said Björn Rettig, CEO of BurdaLuxury. “Her remarkable leadership skills and her ability

     to identify emerging trends and capitalise on market opportunities will be instrumental in driving BurdaLuxury’s success in the competitive Indian market.” 

    Sanyal’s role will be pivotal in guiding all sales verticals and ensuring a cohesive approach to brand partnerships, sales

     strategies, and marketing campaigns, with all sales verticals reporting directly to her. With this new structure in place, BurdaLuxury looks forward to scaling the Indian market and continuing its tradition of excellence in marketing and media.


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