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  • Thursday, October, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:14:05
  • By Sachin Murdeshwar

    Mumbai : Mahir wishes to embody the qualities of his luxury cars; Perfection & Power.

    Lamborghini is one of the world’s most exclusive car brands in the world; it’s a luxury brand, a symbol of success and prosperity. There are roughly only 50-70 Lamborghini cars in India. This Italian car is an epitome of speed, power and beauty; for these very qualities when given a choice Mahir Khetwani opted to own Lamborghini Huracan G63 AMG over many other brands. Mahir Khetwani is one of the young entrepreneurs of India, who have the vision, the knowledge to lead the business and the country’s economy to great success.

    He is a passionate car collector, every exclusive one of its kind cars is his dream. He also is the proud owner of Rolce Royce Drop Head Coupe and other luxury vehicles like S class, 7 series and Q7. Recently, Mahir was part of the luxurious road trip convoy of Lamborghinis from Delhi to Jaipur, The Lamborgini Giro Drive. This rally was a treat to sore eyes, as one could witness what these supercars could do, as they zipped in stretches and maintained controlled restraint in other places.

    One of the reasons why Mahir is so fond of his luxury cars and is passionate about them is not just because they are a status symbol, “My passion for cars runs deep, I love and cherish them because of what they stand for, perfection in every inch. The engine of the car is like music to my ears, and the power I feel when I touch the steering wheel is what I want to experience in every aspect of my life and my business. I take inspiration for my cars in my real life to succeed and grow in life.”