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  • Büşra Duran Gündüz astonishing the world with her head-turning content on travel, fashion and lifestyle

    Published on December 7, 2022

    Even as a youngster, she has shown excellence at every step of her journey and instilled more hope in budding influencers out there, especially in Dubai, where she is currently based.

    A close look around will let people understand how things have fast moved up the ladder of growth and success around the world. A closer gaze will help them also notice how these positive changes and developments could become possible because of the outstanding work that a few professionals did in their journey, especially those belonging to the younger brigade, and also their quest to spare no effort in the process of reaching their visions in their careers. Topping the list of many such professionals in the world of social media is Büşra Duran Gündüz, a young woman from Turkey and now based in Dubai, UAE.

    She is a growing influencer and social media content creator specializing in niches of fashion, travel, and lifestyle and who never ceases to amaze people with her content. Speaking on travel, Büşra Duran Gündüz says that she finds maximum peace and joy when she is outdoors and experiences different beautiful locations around the world. For her, travelling means scouting new places, making the most of it, and creating unforgettable memories. This passion that she holds for travel has what motivated her to create compelling content around it, and since it is made out of passion, it easily connects with her audiences as well.

    Another thing that has attracted enormous people to her Instagram is her honesty in creating content, which is a rare quality to find in today’s influencers and content creators. The 1993-born is a BBA from the Department of Business Administration, and turning into an influencer and blogger on social media wasn’t an easy task for her, but possessing the right skills in capturing the most picturesque locations and having an innate skill in fashion styling, she paved her own path to growth and success in the online medium.

    Büşra Duran Gündüz (@hell0busra) is glad and proud of the continuous love she has been receiving on her socials, which has resulted in a massive follower base of 1.7 million. 


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