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  • Capital Bank Signs Proven Solution to Deploy Humanoid Robot ‘Pepper’ for Retail Banking in Jordan

    Published on September 12, 2021

    Zaid Al Mashari, Group CEO of Proven Arabia

    Dubai, UAE : Proven Solution, a state-of-the-art venture by Proven Arabia, announced today that one of Jordan’s premium financial institutions, Capital Bank, has chosen Proven Solution to further its digital innovation and footprints in the banking industry. Proven Solution primarily offers solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and virtual and augmented reality. With this project, the tech company will be rolling out its robot management system, PRoMS (an in-house, advanced tech solution), to drive customer success, improve customer experience, and elevate banking operations across several verticals.

    For Capital Bank, the project aims to build a reliable, failsafe banking system for its customers by leveraging the PRoMS software offered by Proven Solution. This includes deploying Pepper, a social humanoid robot, as part of its retail banking team. This association also marks the first time a bank in Jordan incorporates an AI-enabled robot across its key branches to further customer experience. 

    The steep rise in the implementation of robotics software across several industries and its consequent success has acted as a catalyst for this partnership. With the project, Proven Solution and Capital Bank will tap into the potential of AI-enabled robotics solutions to aid an array of banking verticals which will subsequently drive core business objectives. Pepper, armed with PRoMS technology, will assist customers by providing support and information related to banking services. The multilingual feature of Pepper will allow customers to access assistance in both English and Arabic.

    ​“We are proud that Capital Bank has chosen Proven Solution to help accelerate its digital transformation initiatives. As the first bank in Jordan to implement our robotics management platform, Capital Bank is transforming its banking operations to enhance customer experience.   Our team has worked hard on this project, which goes beyond streamlining administrative tasks to increase the level of service quality for customers.We are excited to see Capital Bank embrace our technologies and are honoured to facilitate this experience for their customers,” said Zaid Al Mashari, Group CEO of Proven Arabia.


    “Capital Bank’s introduction of this first of its kind innovative technology in Jordan’s banking sector is geared towards providing our customers with the most advanced banking services that add considerable value to their daily banking transactions and meets their ever-growing expectations. Capital Bank has taken major leaps towards implementing its digital transformation strategy and continues to launch innovative financial solutions that aim to transform banking in Jordan.” commented Mohammed Othman, Head of Consumer Banking at Capital Bank.

    Capital Bank plans to introduce Pepper at its promotional events. The bank has deployed four robots across its key branches, to engage with customers and help them during their branch visits, thus reducing waiting time and enhancing overall user experience through the perks of automation.


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