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  • Friday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:17:20
  • With the recent release of the iPhone 14 series by Apple, Cases Villa has launched magnificent cases that will go hand in hand with an iPhone 14 series purchase. The cases are designed to protect the iPhone and enhance its aesthetic appeal, these cases might be one of the best purchases for customers. Available in different categories, customers can select the case that best suits their needs.

    About Cases Villa

    Cases Villa is loved by most iOS users, who have impressed their customers by providing them with elegant cases, straps, and accessories for their iPhones, iWatch, and iPads, which makes them one of the leading players in mobile accessories companies in India. They are a team of professionals dedicated to offering high-quality accessories at an affordable price to their customers, and their team has a lot of expertise in providing accessories that suit their customers’ needs and provide them with the most value for their money.

    Cases Villa’s iPhone accessories are the best quality and suit your needs, style, and expectations. The company aims to provide safety to its customers whilst enhancing its phone’s aesthetic appeal. Their work is a blend of beautiful design and in some cases also provides military-grade protection to an iPhone.

    Cases Villa also provides other iPhone accessories, such as a 20W dual fast charging adapter, camera lens protector, tempered glass screen protectors, and back scratch guards. When bought together, the whole package provides maximum security to the iPhone.

    Types of available cases.

    Cases Villa offers a variety of cases to their customers. Below are some of the best-quality recommended cases. Below are some of the hot and trending cases that they provide to their customers.

    Fantasy Series

    Cases Villa provides fantasy series cases from iPhone 12 mini to 14 Pro Max. Customers can go for nine different case colors: Deep purple, black, blue, pink, alpine green, mint green, maroon, sierra blue, and purple. The case is made from crystal clear acrylic back glass and silicone material at the border that will keep the iPhone safe in case the customer drops it and will give the iPhone a classy and shiny look that is bound to catch attention.

    The fantasy series iPhone case from Cases Villa includes a metal camera frame, metal buttons, silicone material border, Acrylic Transparent Back Glass, and a luxury premium material for the cover that is anti-yellowing. The case will perform the best when bought in conjunction with other iPhone accessories, such as the lens protector and screen guard.

    Premium Frosted

    Customers can also go for the premium frosted case for their iPhones. The premium frosted cases are available in four colors: white, black, navy blue, and deep purple. For those who think that matte cases suit their style better than shiny cases, this case is ideal for them.

    Cases Villa’s premium frosted matte covers keep the iPhone safe from damage and also give the iPhone a very noticeable matte look. Each matte case comes with a luxury hard matte oil-embedded glass at the back and a silicone bumper that also protects the camera bump and is raised from the screen of the phone which offers extra protection to the iPhone’s screen. The case also includes electroplated aluminum Buttons and is compatible with wireless charging. Whilst the premium frosted case keeps the phone’s backside safe; the thermoplastic screen protector keeps the screen safe from scratches and oil. Overall, the case gives the iPhone a much tougher and sturdier profile. The case is shockproof and anti-fingerprint.

    Glass Case

    The glass case is one of the most popular covers among iPhone users. This case gives a luxurious look to an iPhone, it is transparent from the back and has chrome finish on all the edges and around the camera cut-out part. Even after being transparent, the case is 100% anti-yellow, and the triple layered chrome will not fade away easily, compared to other phone cases in the market. The case comes in multiple colors like deep purple, space black, gold, light blue, red, silver, rose pink, pacific blue and alpine green.

    So if you are planning to buy a case that will not obscure the original color of your iPhone, this case is recommended.

    Defence Shield

    The defence shield metal cover is the sturdiest option customers can buy. This luxury case comes with a plethora of advanced materials and design that ensures the safety of the iPhone in the most extreme situations. The defence shield metal cover is designed to provide military-grade protection to iPhones 13 & 14 series.

    The defence shield used in the production of this case is certified to exceed military-grade drop test standards. With this casing, iPhones can withstand the hardest of falls. It comes with a raised lip that protects the iPhone screen from surface scratches which are quite a common occurrence in case of a drop.

    This sturdy casing also includes a soft bubble pattern rubber interior lining. Along with the hard polycarbonate shell, this lining provides maximum protection by absorbing shock and impact when the iPhone falls to the ground or any hard surface. The design is compatible with a MagSafe charger with a full 15W charging rate.

    Other than its tough security profile, this case has an integrated front-facing audio channel that amplifies audio to the front of the iPhone for a better sound experience.

    Kevlar Case

    For those looking for a lighter option, Cases Villa provides an aramid kevlar case that is made from thin and lightweight carbon fiber. Kevlar is a well-known material that is used in bulletproof jackets and other armed forces applications. Even though it is five times as strong as steel, it has the density of a PC hard plastic.

    Kevlar case provides world-class sturdiness and protection to the iPhone whilst not interfering with Wifi signals and Bluetooth. It’s hard to notice its presence when it’s mounted on the iPhone. It is compatible with iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max. The surface is silky and is a work of exquisite design and craftsmanship. The skin is also resistant to scratches.

    To know more about them you can follow them on social media, they go by the username @casesvillaofficial on Instagram & Facebook.


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