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  • The Astrology of Seers

    This book is actually one of the text books for David Frawleys online Jyotish course which we have done and found it to be a solid foundation in the subject. The book is refered to in the course and it covers the main topics of Jyotish as expounded by Rshi Parashara in a concise maner. It is also […]

    Introduction to Sanskrit (Volume I and Volume II)

    A superb book for beginning with Sanskrit taking one through the basics of reading and writing and also the basic grammer. The book has a lightness to it and it has beautiful quotes from various texts, the quotes are especially touching and very poetic. The book is nicely structured and the author has truly mastered the subject and writes […]

    From the River of Heaven

    If you want to get a deep insight into the totality of Vedic Science this book is ideal. It covers the various dimensions of Vedic science with each chapter dealing with a different science such as Yoga, Ayurveda of Jyotish. What is so beautiful here is it weaves into the heart a common thread of oneness through all these […]

    Caraka Samhita (7 vols): Text in Sanskrit with English translation

    With out doubt this is the greatest contribution to written Ayurveda known to mankind. Caraka Samhita lays the foundation for Ayurveda and for health for all. This beautifully commented and translated text is a work of extreme dedication and love for the subject. All serious students of Ayurveda should have this text and sleep with Volume I under their […]

    Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda

    Dr. Ganapathi Sthapathi is one of a long and illustrious lineage of masters of Vedic architecture. His ancestors have constructed many great temples in Tamil Nadu and through his words one connects with the depth and magnitude of this lineage. His writings are clear and scientific, he is also using the Shastra as his point of reference for any […]

    Autobiography of a Yogi

    This book is a rare treasure of eternal wisdom. It has changed so many lives. Brolught so many people home to a life of God conscious living. Its very pages emanate only pure love for God from a great Devotee of God, Paramahansa Yogananada. For the first time one has a direct view inside the life of a Yogi, […]

    Light on Relationships

    A very soulfully written book about Jyotish and relating between human beings (and anything else for that matter). It is an excellent guide for beginners and also those familiar already with the concepts of Jyotish. As the title reveals, the very crux of Jyotish is to bring more light into our life, more awareness, consciousness and bliss. Robert Svoboda […]

    The Yoga of Herbs

    Very rarely is a book written that can open one up so quickly and deeply to the inner magic that is Ayurveda. This book somehow takes one deep into the magical world of herbs through the eyes of the Rishis. It makes you aware that every plant under the living sun holds the power to heal and cure. After […]

    Philip Roth wins Man Booker International Prize

    Philip Roth, the most decorated living American novelist, on Wednesday won the prestigious Man Booker International Prize, beating off competition from 12 other contenders, including India-born Canadian writer Rohinton Mistry. Roth, 78, one of the world’s most prolific, celebrated and controversial writers won the biennial USD 97,500 award for a body of work stretching over […]

    Breaking the Mould with New-Age Book Authoring

    Bangalore : Barely a month since release, New-generation author & corporate professional, Kartik Iyengar is creating waves with his first Book “Horn OK Please – HOPping to Conclusions”. Having sold over 12,000 copies of his first book in a series of five within a month across the globe, Kartik’s fan base comprises thousands of ‘HOPpers’ […]