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  • Tuesday, July, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:34:25
  • 6 Types of Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Credit Cards to Suit your Various Needs

    Credit card issuers are now offering various types of credit cards like travel cards, fuel cards, business cards, and more to meet your varied needs. These are designed keeping in mind your income, nature of spending, and the rewards and offers you want. So, when you are looking to shop for a credit card, apply […]

    Srei Equipment, Syndicate Bank to jointly provide equipment financing under co-lending arrangement using iQuippo platform

    New Delhi : Srei Equipment Finance Limited (“Srei Equipment”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited (“Srei”), today announced that it has partnered with Syndicate Bank to jointly provide equipment financing under co-lending arrangement for various equipment categories like construction, mining, material handling, commercial vehicles, medical and farm equipment. The partnership has been done under the aegis of the […]

    3 Best Investment Options You Should Consider in Upcoming Financial Year

    Making the right investments is bound to reap dividends in the future and will ensure your financial prosperity despite inflation. Investments are an excellent option to safeguard your purchasing power. Choosing the right investment avenues is bound to provide both short-term and long-term benefits. Having said that, there are both safe and lucrative options available […]

    How to Invest Your Money Wisely to save Maximum on Income Tax

    Tax season is around the corner and most taxpayers would be contemplating the best tax saving options for the subsequent financial year. Who wouldn’t prefer an option that would not only let them save on tax, but also provide tax-free income? It’s essential to consider important aspects like returns, safety, liquidity and the amount of […]

    RBI to inject Rs 37,500 crore through OMO in February

    The Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday said that it will inject Rs 37,500 crore into the system through purchase of government securities in February to increase liquidity. The RBI said it has been monitoring the evolving liquidity conditions and durable liquidity requirements of the system. In a release issued on Tuesday from Mumbai RBI […]

    How Budget 2019 Affects FD Rates? Know Facts Here

    Fixed deposits are one of the most popular low-risk investment avenues with the stable returns. They’re at the cornerstone of investment portfolios of the elderly, and ground and balance portfolios of the young. With a fan base as ardent as the one that fixed deposits enjoy, it’s interesting to see whether or not Budget 2019 […]

    Rupee appreciates six paise to Rs 71.11 against dollar

    The rupee today appreciated six paise to 71 rupees and 11 paise against the US dollar. In previous session, it weakened nine paise to 71 rupees and 17 paise against the US currency.

    Reform measures can ‘easily enhance growth rates by at least 1%: EAC

    The Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister EAC-PM today met in New Delhi and took stock of the state of the economy. According to an official release, the Council endorsed that the macro-economic fundamentals of the economy are sound, but challenges remain, several of which are structural in nature. It noted that while the […]

    Rupee strengthens by 25 paise to Rs 71.80 against dollar

    Rupee today strengthened by 25 paise to 71 rupees and eight paise against the dollar. In previous session, it appreciated 11 paise to 71 rupees and 33 piase against the US currency.

    SBI General Insurance records underwriting profits of Rs. 89 cr

    Hyderabad: SBI General Insurance, one of the leading general insurance companies in India, has recorded a profit of Rs.89 cr for Q3, FY 18-19 vis-à-vis Rs.58 cr for Q3, FY 17-18. SBI General recorded its sustainable Underwriting Profit of Rs.49 cr in Q3, FY 18 – 19 vis-à-vis an Underwriting Loss of Rs 41 cr in Q3, FY […]