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  • Friday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:58:12
  • RBI MPC Quote by Mr. Ajit Banerjee, Chief Investment Officer – Shriram Life Insurance Company

    “The outcome of the RBI’s monetary policy for June’24 was broadly as per market expectations, except for the fact that the decision of the rate-setting panel was taken with a majority of 4:2. The RBI seemed to be very confident that the growth momentum of the economy will continue and has accordingly revised the real […]

    Canara HSBC Life Insurance Declares INR 232 Crore Bonus for FY23-24

     New Delhi   : Canara HSBC Life Insurance today announced the customer bonus of INR 232 crores for more than 2.18 lac policyholders for the financial year 2023-2024. In participating policies or with profit plans, life insurance companies share the profits in the form of bonuses with policyholders, reflecting a shared partnership between the insurer and […]

    MPC Quote from Dr. Poonam Tandon, Chief Investment Officer at IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company

    The MPC kept rates  unchanged and maintained the withdrawal of accommodation stance. The resilient growth and  low inflation has made it possible to hold rates at the present level. The Governor mentioned that input costs and food inflation are still high and could pose risks to upside. On the whole, it is expected that MPC  […]

    Comment by Ms. Shraddha Kedia-Agarwal, Director, Transcon Developers on RBI policy announcement

    “We welcome the Reserve Bank of India’s decision to maintain the status quo on interest rates which reflects a cautious approach towards balancing economic growth and inflationary pressures. It offers stability in borrowing costs, supporting project planning and execution. Developers should remain agile and adapt to market shifts, focusing on innovation and meeting evolving consumer […]

    RBI Monetary Policy view on behalf of Shri Madan Sabnavis, Chief Economist, Bank of Baroda

    The credit policy has quite expectedly maintained status quo on both repo rate and stance. There has been a slight revision in GDP growth forecast to 7.2% which is still lower than our forecast of 7.3-7.4% for FY25. The RBI is sanguine on the growth trajectory and while inflation is to average 4.5% for the […]

    Quote on RBI Monetary Policy By Mr. Rajiv Agarwal, MD & CEO, Essar Ports

    Dubai, UAE   – Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today released its 2023 Responsible Business Report, which details progress in focus areas, and introduces the company’s “One Vertiv, One World” plan for advancing the principles of environmental stewardship, fostering a safe, inclusive, and engaged workplace, and conducting business in a […]

    Views on RBI Monetary Policy by Manish Chowdhury, Head of Research, StoxBox views on RBI Monetary Policy

    The RBI has kept the repo rate unchanged, reflecting India’s sustained growth amid uncertainties in weather, geopolitics, and AI-led tech disruptions. Despite a buoyant economic growth outlook, the central bank refrained from revising inflation forecast upward due to elevated food inflation. Confident in its inflation management efforts, the RBI aims to move closer to its […]

    Quote on RBI Monetary Policy By Mr. Pankaj Kalra, CEO, EOGEPL

    “By keeping the repo rate steady at 6.5%, the RBI affirms its dedication to upholding stability in the financial landscape, imparting a sense of assurance among investors. The anticipated GDP expansion of 7.2% for FY25 further reinforces this outlook, showcasing a positive picture of our economy as well as providing an emphasis that we are […]

    Asirvad MFI appoints Satish Nair as President and CEO

     Valapad: Asirvad Micro Finance Limited (‘Asirvad’), a subsidiary of Manappuram Finance Limited, has appointed Satish Nair as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Asirvad, headquartered in Valapad, Kerala, is the third largest micro finance institution (in terms of AUM as of June 2023) offering micro finance loans to low-income women. As of June 2023, Asirvad […]

    Yoma Bank in Myanmar partners with Integro Technologies to revolutionize its SME Lending Operations

    Mumbai : Integro Technologies, a subsidiary of Aurionpro Solutions today announced its partnership with Yoma Bank in Myanmar, to revolutionize their SME lending operations. Integro Technologies is a high end, pioneering provider of Lending Platforms that will deploy its cutting-edge SmartLender Commercial Loan Origination solution for the bank. By leveraging the SmartLender platform, Yoma Bank […]