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    Qlik  Spokesperson: Suganthi Shivkumar, Managing Director, ASEAN, India & Korea at Qlik “We appreciate the government’s decision in the 2020 Budget to dedicate the necessary funds and resources towards developing revolutionary and breakthrough technologies such as ML, robotics and AI to further the skills that will prepare us for the next wave and accelerate India’s journey […]

    Pre Budget quote_Mr. Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO, Esperer Bioresearch

    The context of budget 2020 is crucial and no doubt challenging ever before. Whether or not India will  able to hit the $5-trillion GDP goal within 5 years is one of the questions that currently dominating the concern among Indian. We have seen that GDP growth for 2019-20 is plunged to an 11-year low of […]

    Pre-Budget Expectations quote from Dr. Malini Saba Founder & Chairman, Saba Group Holdings & Saba Family Foundations

    Dr. Malini Saba, Founder & Chairman, Saba Group Holdings & Saba Family Foundations says: ‘’The agriculture sector employs 50% of the Indian workforce and contributes 17–18% of the country’s GDP. It means that any government is required to pay heed to the well-being of this sector and make it sustainable through policies that make it healthy. I expect […]

    Quote on Pre-Budget expectations | IndiaLends

    Hoping for some Tax Relief: Startup firms were expecting from the government to usher in a new set of reforms in the upcoming full Budget for the current fiscal and hope for tax relief, funding access, and further push to the digital economy. It comes at a time when the consumption demand is not growing […]

    Quote on Pre-Budget expectations | Sarvatra Technologies

    “The government has been taking very bold, proactive steps to foster and boost a digitally progressively environment in the country since the last budget. The government should now build further upon incentivising companies to digitise rural India through various NABARD schemes. There must be adequate budget allocation for these programs. Additionally, tax breaks in GST […]

    Quote on Pre-Budget expectations | Paynearby

    “Though our country has taken rapid strides towards financial inclusion in the last few years, we are still largely a cash based economy. More than 45% of the country’s bank accounts have no transactions and only 13% Indian adults borrow through formal channels. The creation of a regulatory, social, commercial and infrastructure framework that will […]

    Pre Budget Expectations from India Inc.

    FIA Global – “As budget 2019 is fast approaching, expectations of the industry have started to surface. In the last budget progressive policies have made the environment favorable for entrepreneurs, it is believed that this budget will lay down reforms to boost start up ecosystem in India. Also, seeing the current scenario of Banking in […]

    Upcoming Union Budget Expectation: Education Sector

    Mr. Rustom Kerawalla, Edupreneur, and Chairman Ampersand Group. Sharing his expectations from the upcoming Union Budget, Mr. Rustom Kerawalla, Edupreneur and Chairman, Ampersand Group, said, “We hope that the Honourable Finance Minister will consider two significant changes in Union Budget 2020. The first one is to make GST applicable to school fees and other receivables of the […]

    Budget Expectations for the Education and IoT sectors

    Shekhar Sanyal, Director and Country Head, IET India “The Indian work scenario is changing at a rapid pace and the workforce to drive this change is currently not industry-ready. It is important that the government puts aside significant resources to research, understand and implement the necessary steps to create the work employer and skills ecosystem […]

    Pre-budget expectation quote- Excess2sell.com

    “At the outset, we would like to commend the Government for the several initiatives it has so far taken to encourage and develop the Start-up ecosystem. As a three-year-old start-up, Excess2sell.com’s phenomenal growth can be attributed to the Govt.’s efforts in consolidating GST with technology, ease of doing business, taxation on start-ups and various policy […]