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  • Tuesday, June, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:05:23
  • Bloodless Heart Surgery with Safety and Innovative Devices

    Mumbai :  Cardiac procedures took an innovative jump when jammed arteries were opened up without surgery by inserting stents by Dr. S.A. Merchant. Dr. S. A. Merchant has been a Consultant Interventional Cardiologist for more than two decades in Mumbai. Complex Interventional Cardiology procedure is performed skillfully by his team in state-of-the-art Cath-Labs with high-tech […]

    Cardiac check-up camp ahead of World Heart Day at the Brahma Kumaris’ Global Hospital and Research Centre

    Mumbai : With an aim to create awareness on Cardio Vascular Disease among the people and provide them an opportunity to take consultation from cardiologists ahead of the World Heart Day, Brahma Kumaris’ Global Hospital and Research Centre has organized cardiac check-up camp from September 22 to September 27 at the hospital. The week-long cardiac […]

    EHMTIC on the success of its non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation therapy for cluster headache

    New Jersey: This weekend, at the international headache meeting in Copenhagen (EHMTIC*), electroCore will be presenting full data on their PREVA study, a randomized, multi-center trial across several European countries, which showed that preventative use of non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) can substantially reduce the frequency of cluster headache attacks (i.e., by 43.4%) versus the […]

    Doctor Couple from Jammu & Kashmir dare devastating floods in their state to reach Hyderabad to attend the Cancer Summit being held in city

    ​Hyderabad : Daring unprecedented floods, Kashmi​r​ Doctor couple reach Hyderabad to attend Global Concer Conference and Medicare Summit 2014, currently underway at HICC  in Madhapur.  We battled floods, Our houses were half inundated. We had to travel by boat, mini truck, take help from fellow citizens and reached airport with great difficult to come to […]

    Artificial spleen cleans up blood infections

    Researchers have developed an artificial ‘biospleen’ that may be able to quickly clean blood of everything from E coli to Ebola. The device filters blood to rid the body of infections – even those caused by unknown pathogens. Blood infections can be very difficult to treat, and can lead to sepsis, an often-fatal immune response. […]

    New Service for Doctors

    Hyderabad  : Patients suing doctors or hospitals is rising at an alarming rate of 200% per annum.  Patients fighting for compensation for Medical Negligence, courts directing hospitals to pay paulty compensation for negiligence has become quite common. Now things are changing.  Medical negligence cases are being fought like never before. Ever since Supreme court directed […]

    Younger women are more prone to arthritis

    In the recent past, Doctors have seen lot of arthritis patients coming across at a younger age where the age group of patients has been reduced drastically. With changing habits and lifestyles today, there is a surge in cases of arthritis affecting people even in their early 40s. Junk food, alcohol, steroid supplements, lack of […]

    P.D. Hinduja Hospital conducts inaugural session of its Allied Health Sciences courses

    Mumbai: Indian healthcare continues to face a growing gap of skilled professionals. While survey reports continue to show dismal numbers in terms of professionals (nurses, doctors) to population ratio; demand for integrated and quality care has been ever increasing. With advancement in medical technology, skilled allied health professionals are the need of industry. Lack of […]

    Zebrafish Genes Linked to Human Respiratory Diseases

    Singapore: A small freshwater fish found in many tropical aquariums may hold the key to unlocking one of the leading causes of respiratory diseases in humans. Scientists from A*STAR’s Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) have identified hundreds of novel genes in the zebrafish that could be functionally identical to the human genes required […]

    Occupational Cancers are the biggest killer in Workplace: Dr. T. K. Joshi, Advisor-Ministry of Health, Govt of India

    Hyderabad: Occupational Health is very important. Keep workforce healthy and happy.  Lot of Industrial Chemicals are taking toll of human health.  The top ten risk factors for disease in Asia and mainly in India are 01. Household air pollution from solid fuels, 02. Smoking/second hand smoke, 3. High blood pressure, 4. Childhood underweight, 5. Low […]