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  • Older Women Say hey Want More Sex, Not Less

    Many women continue to be sexually active after menopause and most say they are satisfied with their sex lives, particularly if they are married or have a regular partner, a large new study shows. Among women who reported being dissatisfied with their sex lives, however, 57% said they wanted to have more sex, while only […]

    Teen Sexting Linked To Risky Sexual Behavior

    Teens who “sext” are significantly more likely to participate in sexually explicit behaviors, according to a recent study. Sexting, which is the practice of sending sexual text messages, including photos, usually by use of cell-phones, is rapidly becoming popular among adolescents, which should be concerning to parents, doctors and teachers. This recent report demonstrates an […]

    Finally a Male Birth Control Pill

    Researchers have finally found a compound that may offer the first effective and hormone-free birth control pill for men. The study in the August 17th Cell, a Cell Press publication, shows that the small molecule makes male mice reversibly infertile without putting a damper on their sex drive. When the animals stop taking this new […]

    Natural Killer T-Cells in Fat Tissue Guard Against Obesity

    Invariant natural killer T-cells (iNKT) are a unique subset of immune cells that are known to influence inflammatory responses. Now, a scientific team led by researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has found that iNKT cells play a protective role in guarding against obesity and the metabolic syndrome, a major consequence of obesity. […]

    Efforts to improve physicians’ sloppy handwriting

    A group of senior medical practitioners in Maharashtra, with the active support of the state government has formulated a plan to impress upon the doctors the urgency of handwriting legibility among doctors to prevent fatal errors. A group of senior doctors from the state met last week and found handwriting legibility to be one of […]

    Vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Launched in India

    Austrian biotech company Intercell announced the launch of its Japanese encephalitis vaccine in India where it will bemanufactured by its partner, Biological E in Hyderabad. The vaccine will be marketed under the brand name Jeev and will cost around Rs 985. Intercell revealed that it hoped the launch will help the company achieve a profit […]

    Biological E ltd, Hyderabad launches JEEV – Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

    Hyderabad : Biological E Ltd, one of the leading Indian Vaccine manufacturers based at Hyderabad announced the launch of its latest vaccine – Inactivated Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine which is to be marketed under the brand name “JEEV” here at Hyderabad today. Japanese Encephalitis (JE) is a deadly viral disease afflicting major areas around the world […]

    G-spot an erotic zone for women

    There are many who talk about G-Spot and how it works, but only a few has a real understanding of what G-Spot is.  Ernst Grafenberg, a German gynecologist, the author of this theory described the G-spot an “erotic zone”. Back in the 1940′, when he was researching different methods of birth control, Grafenberg, found a […]

    SVCST and PR Solution Presents Yuva Talk Show on Youth Unrest at Bhopal

    Bhopal : A live talk show organized by SVCST in co-ordination with PR Solution witnessed hundreds of youngsters pooling in to debate and discuss on this very sensitive issue “Youthunrest @ Bhopal”at Gyan Vigyan Bhawan Barkatulla University . While reported unrest throughout the nation has left many of us stated, some of the most unpleasant […]

    Early detection hope for ovarian cancer?

    Scientists claim to have for the first time identified biochemical changes which commonly occur in the DNA of women with ovarian cancer, a major finding that may pave the way for early detection of the disease. Ovarian cancer is very difficult to detect early and once its diagnosed, patients tend to die quickly. Now, a […]