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  • World Glaucoma Week 2019: Knowing about the types and the risk factors can help tackle the condition

    Authored by: Dr R Prema, Lead and Senior Consultant, Ophthalmology at Westminster Healthcare, Chennai Glaucoma, also known as the silent blinding disease, is a potential threat to the eye health. Ranked to be the second most common cause of blindness, Glaucoma has made 8.5 million people blind globally, as per recent reports. Interestingly, Glaucoma does […]

    Psychological Associates Adds Organizational and Performance Consultant

     St. Louis, Mo., : Psychological Associates, a consulting company that applies behavioral science to business performance, recently named Dr. Amy Stewart as its newest Organizational and Performance Consultant. Dr. Stewart specializes in working with Fortune 500, government, and non-profit organizations to increase their return on investment with human capital.  She will assist managers and executives as […]

    Max Hospital Vaishali organized interactive session on awareness about kidney ailments

    Highlighting the rising incidences of chronic kidney ailments and increasing number of patients seeking renal transplant every year, Max Hospital Vaishali organized an interactive session on the occasion of World Kidney Day. To spread awareness about the complications of renal problems and the ways to curb it, present on the occasion were– Dr Manoj K […]

    TB Bacteria Can Affect Bones and Spine Too

    While those of us who thought TB is a pulmonary disease affecting our lungs need to think again! According to the medical statistics, 5-10 per cent of the total TB patients in India suffer from bone TB and the figure is on constant rise, more due to ignorance about bone TB, during which the bacterium causing […]

    KIMS ICON Doctors remove a 25-paisa coin stuck in lungs for 30-years

    Vishakhapatnam : A patient Mr. L Sannibabu, aged 77 years was brought to casualty of KIMS ICON Hospitals, Vizag with complaints of severe shortness of breath and fever. Upon investigation, it is found that he has been suffering from similarcomplaints for the past 3 years. Doctors further got to know that he accidentally swallowed 25-paisa coin […]

    World Kidney Day being observed today

    Today is World Kidney Day. The day is observed annually on the second Thursday in March to create awareness on the importance of kidneys and reducing the frequency and impact of kidney diseases. The theme this year is, ‘Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere’. It calls for universal health coverage for prevention and early treatment of […]

    First in Asia, Aster CMI Doctors rescue teen suffering from rarest of the rare genetic disease

    Bangalore :  Ciara (name changed),a 13-year-old-girl from Mauritius, suffering from rarest of the rare Complement Deficiency genetic disease, C1q deficiency since the age of 2, became the first teen in Asia suffering from this complex condition to receive a bone marrow transplant. Thanks to the team of efficient doctors at Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore for […]

    BR Life SSNMC Hospital launches ‘Know your kidney number’ Clinic to commemorate World Kidney Day

    Bengaluru : On the occasion of World Kidney Day, BR Life SSNMC Hospital is launching ‘Know Your Kidney Number’ clinic, an exclusive kidney health screening clinic to create awareness on kidney health today. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is the sixth fastest growing cause of death globally. However, many tend to ignore kidney related health issues since it […]

    Heart attack patients should never miss the “golden hour” of treatment

    New Delhi : Statistics indicate that Indians are succumbing to heart attack about 8 to 10 years earlier than other ethnic groups due to a variety of factors ranging from bad lifestyle to our genes.[1] What exacerbates this situation further is that many of those who suffer a heart attack are brought to the hospital […]

    Kidney Disease on rise among young Indian Population, needs awareness to curb down

      New Delhi: Kidney health is vital for overall health of an individual. The kidneys filter blood and remove waste and excess salt and water from the body. Lately, there is a rise in number of patients detected with renal ailments in the last few years. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is when the kidneys stop working as well as they should. In people […]