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  • Wednesday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:52:41
  • Companies go an extra mile for Employee Mental Health

    As work from home becomes the new normal, social distancing can easily take a toll on our mental health in the form of stress, fatigue, even anxiety and other behavioral problems. There has been a 35-40% increase in the number of cases of stress and panic attack in April over previous months, according to data from […]

    Dubai Health Authority launches mobile unit to conduct tests for COVID-19 in densely populated areas

    Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched a highly-sophisticated mobile unit to conduct testing for COVID-19 in densely populated areas, especially labour camps. Emirates News Agency said, the testing bus will also be available to certain segments of society such as the elderly and people unable to visit health centres due to underlying medical conditions. The […]

    World Hypertension Day 17th May 2020

    Dr. R. V. Ravi Kanna Babu, Consultant Internal Medicine, KIMS ICON Hospital, Vizag   The global prevalence of hypertension is high, and treatment of hypertension is the most common reason for clinic visits and for the use of chronic prescription medications. Half of hypertensive individuals do not have adequate blood pressure control, evaluation of hypertension […]

    Expert: Swimming pool facilities water unlikely to spread coronavirus

    WHAT: Pools across the U.S. are set to reopen in the coming weeks. If recommended chlorine levels are maintained as usual, the pools themselves should pose minimal risk of spreading the coronavirus to swimmers, says a Purdue University engineer who studies pool water decontamination. For indoor pools, the greater risks to coronavirus spread would include poor […]

    More than 15 thousands individuals received Free LIVE health consultancy sessions from NSS’s ‘Paramarsh’ campaign

    Udaipur : To fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS) conducted free of cost special LIVE health consultancy sessions for differently-abled individuals and non-COVID-19 patients. The campaign was titled, “Paramarsh.” As a part of the campaign, senior Doctors provided free LIVE health consultancy sessions to the differently-abled. The campaign was running LIVE from […]

    Swelling and pain in your child’s joints! It can be symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis

    By Dr. Ravichandar Kelkar, Senior Consultant- Orthopaedics, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal Nobody can replace health with anything in one’s life. Health is a precious factor for any person, that once lost it can take ages to build back the immunity and health. The process of building immunity starts when young and goes till the very […]

    A New-born Baby Boy with Pneumonia Gets A Fresh Lease of Life at Zen Multi specialty Hospital, Chembur Via Crowdfunding

    By Sachin Murdeshwar Mumbai : A new-born suffering from multiple problem at birth gets a timely treatment at Zen Multispeciality Hospital Chembur through crowdfunding. The baby had a delayed cry after birth, and had problems related to having a passed stool before birth which caused pneumonia. He developed breathing problems and needed immediate NICU care. Now, the baby […]

    Medeor Hospital, Manesar comes to the forefront to serve the community to fight the battle against COVID -19

    New Delhi: Medeor Hospital, a chain of super speciality hospitals located at Delhi NCR, is proud to serve patients suffering from the perilous virus- Covid-19. Located at Manesar, the hospital will work as an independent clinical unit for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients. The hospital will also treat patients with mild and moderate symptoms of Coronavirus. Proper […]

    On International Nurses Day, BD says Thank You to every healthcare professional who is fighting tirelessly against the COVID-19 pandemic

    New Delhi: Acknowledging the critical role played by the nurses in delivering primary and community care, BD along with Infusion Nurses Society (INS) observed International Nurses Day, with “Nursing the world to Health” as the theme by WHO. Acknowledging the hard work done by the healthcare warriors, BD has launched a digital campaign “With You For […]

    Corona, Immunity and Struggle for Existence : A different thought

    Dr. Debasis Bakshi Now Sky is smiling. It is bright blue and clear. No smell of Mobil in air, no smoky surroundings. Occasionally we used to see this picture in rural areas, but never in city or town for many years in the past. Whenever I walked on the roof of our four storied apartment, […]