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  • Yoga Transforming The World

    source : pninews.com Edited by Sudiipa Mara Grandinetti When we speak of humanity we inevitably find ourselves taking into account the different cultural and religious manifestations that are expressed within it. Although the human soul, mind and body are subjected to common universal laws, the different traditions developed over the centuries and millennia have led […]

    Home-based peritoneal dialysis can help address problems of kidney patients

    Authored by Dr. Vidyashankar P, Lead Consultant – Nephrology, Aster CMI Hospital According to Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme (PMNDP), India has nearly two million dialysis patients who frequently have to drive to a dialysis centres two-three times a week especially for haemodialysis as missing any session could be life-threatening for them. Amid the coronavirus scare, […]

    Medicover Hospitals, save India’s youngest Covid-19+ve patient using ‘Plasma Therapy’

    Hyderabad: A team of experts at Medicover Hospitals,  in Maharashtra saved the life of a two-months old infant who tested Covid-19+ve by performing ‘Plasma Therapy’. This arguably is the youngest patient in India (and around the World) on whom plasma transfusion was performed to save life. The child was admitted to the hospital under critical condition, with […]

    D-ALIVE is First Indian Diabetic Food Brand to Receive USDA Organic Certification

    D-ALIVE has become the first Indian Diabetic Food Brand to receive a USDA Organic Certification. The Brand caters to the growing Diabetes market in India pegged to grow from $ 567 million in 2017 to $ 1.1 billion by 2023. The certification officially confirms D-Alive to be a brand that uses only natural ingredients, zero […]

    The Community Has a Critical Role in Suicide Prevention

    Mumbai  : Suicide is a social issue and not an individual problem.  An online discussion on “Suicide Prevention: The Importance of Community” hosted by YourDOST, India’s largest online counseling and emotional support platform designed to foster mental health, today appealed for more efforts from the community to raise suicide prevention awareness. The panel discussion was […]

    SAMI-Aid Launches At-Home COVID-19 Testing

    San Jose, California :SAMI-Aid, a patient-focused telemedicine platform and healthcare concierge company, now offers at-home COVID-19 testing. SAMI-Aid will offer the COVID-19 saliva test, a more comfortable alternative to the nasal test. With this new offering, SAMI-Aid becomes one of the first telemedicine companies to have a dedicated COVID-19 testing feature. “As a company that […]

    Ignoring timely medical care leading to hundreds of “brain stroke” deaths during Covid-19 pandemic

    Hyderabad : A 45-year-old male patient with a recent Delhi to Hyderabad travel history was rushed to the Medicover Hospitals after he experienced weakness on one side of his body for two days. Post a thorough assessment, it was identified that the patient suffered a “brain stroke”, and was ignorant of his condition, and with the fear of contracting […]

    DEP’s MeshWorks Extend the Life of Hip Implants

    Chennai: One of the most frequent and severe joint inflictions, osteoarthritis, often requires administration of a Total Hip Replacement (THR). This implant, being significantly load-bearing, requires a complex design that is strong enough to withstand long durations of load. Bone implant designs must be precise and durable in order to withstand significant load and pressure over time.  Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) effectively tackled this challenge by developing 3D […]

    COVID-19 recovery rate reaches 77.65 pct in country

    Nearly 33 lakh 24 thousand people in the country have recovered from the viral pandemic. In the last 24 hours, India witnessed one of the highest single day COVID-19 recoveries of over 73 thousand 500 patients. The overall recovery rate has also maintained its upward trend and has now reached at 77.65 per cent. The […]

    Vice President to address Virtually Valedictory of National Eye Donation Fortnight-2020

    Hyderabad : Vice President, Shri Venkaiah Naidu to address at the Valedictory Function Camba, a project of Saksham on National Eye Donation Fortnight-2020 on 8th September Virtually on Facebook, Instagram on other social media platforms of sakshamseva.org. It will be held from 4.45 pm to 6 pm. It is an initiative of CAMBA. CAMBA is a […]