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  • Ways Of Recognising The Signs Early And Treating It – An Effective Way Of Managing Uterine Cancer

    Authored by Dr. Deepak H L , Associate Consultant MS (General Surgery) , HCG Cancer Centre Kalaburgi When abnormal cells affect the healthy body tissues and spread to the other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems, the condition that develops is called cancer. It can be of various kinds and originate […]

    When Do Cancer Cells Spread To Lymph Nodes? Know About Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

    Dr. Goli Vasu Babu, Consultant Medical, Haemato-oncology & Bone marrow transplant Physician, HCG Vijayawada Cancer treatment is challenging, and each patient’s body reacts in a different way to the surgery, medicines, and subsequent therapies. One of the foremost signs your oncologist would investigate while diagnosing cancer is if the malignant cells have spread to other […]

    Jason Colodne and Colbeck Capital Management Support HealthRight

    In marginalized communities both home and abroad, access to necessary healthcare treatments for physical, mental, and emotional well-being can be difficult, if not impossible to access. To support underrepresented groups in these communities, Dr. Jonathan Mann, a renowned AIDS researcher and rights activist, founded HealthRight International in 1990 in support of rights-based care. The organization […]

    Importance of Cervical Cancer Vaccine ToPrevent from Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

    Authored by Dr. Pinaki Mahato Medical Oncologist, HCG Cancer Centre – Vadodara If there is one cancer, all women should be on guard during their reproductive ages, and in their menopausal years, it is Cervical Cancer. One of the most common cancers with the highest mortality rate, Cervical cancer can happen at any age but is mainly diagnosed in […]

    Eye care: 5 Habits to Add to Your List of New Year’s Resolutions

    Kochi : 2023 is here and as we compile our new year’s resolutions, eyecare is not likely to make the list. Increasing cases of progressive diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy (DR) has become a concern. AMD is caused by the loss of tissue in the macula and affects the central vision. […]

    Aster Medcity is Gearing up for the Heart and Lung Transplant

    Aster Medcity, Kochi Signed MOU with Kauvery Hospital Chennai to conduct heart and lung transplants in the hospital Kochi : Aster Medcity Kochi ties up with  Kauvery hospital Chennai, a unit of Kauvery group of hospitals to improve heart and lung transplants in South India. Through this association with Kauvery Hospital, Medcity will have access […]

    Five organ transplants at the same time, KIMSHEALTH creates history

    Thiruvananthapuram : KIMSHEALTH creates history in the field of organ transplant by transplanting  organs of a brain-dead person in three patients simultaneously. KIMSHEALTH Trivandrum also achieved the milestone by becoming the only hospital in Kerala to perform two multi-organ transplants at the same time. It was a 24-hour-long effort of around 100 healthcare professionals, including […]

    A Tale of Two States: Successful Heart Transplant at Medica unites Tripura and Bengal

    ~Opening doors to advanced clinical care for neighbouring states~ Mumbai/Kolkata : As a first step towards opening the excellent clinical care for neighbouring states, Medica Group of Hospitals, the largest private hospital chain in Eastern India, conducted Tripura’s first successful Heart Transplant and cured Mr. Ranjit Roy, a 44-year-old shopkeeper from Barjala, Sepahijala, Tripura with […]

    Nasal Vaccines – What you need to know

    Authored by Dr. Swati Rajagopal, Consultant – Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore As the world once again braces itself for the new wave of Covid-19 virus, nasal vaccines have now offered a sniffing hope to the people. Developed by Bharat Biotech and approved by the Government of India, these vaccines are […]

    Here’s How Leukemia Stem Cell Transplant Can Trigger New Blood Cells And Help Beat Leukemia

    By Dr. Joydeep Chakrabartty, HOD & Sr. Consultant, Dept of Hematology and BMT, HCG Cancer Centre, Kolkata Leukemia or blood cancer is a cancer of the system’s blood-forming tissues, including the bone marrow and lymphatic system. There are several forms of leukemia; some conditions are common in children, while others primarily develop in adults. Leukemia […]