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  • Thursday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:59:00
  • Fish Works Wonders With Your Child’s Brain

    A University of Illinois food science professor recommends adding fish to your child’s diet to enhance brain and nerve development. “First, babies need a lot of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish for brain, nerve, and eye development, and when they switch from breast milk or formula to solid food, most of them don’t […]

    Swine Flu Vaccine Now Available For North India.

    Mohali: For the first time, Swine Flu + Seasonal Flu Vaccine Available for North India, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal, J & K, UP. Charak Clinics now offers Swine Flu + seasonal Flu Vaccination to travellers from Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh . Charak Clinics is located at Charak Clinics, SCF 85, Phase VII, Mohali […]

    Cold Salt Water Reduces Damage In Heart Attack Patients

    Treating heart attack patients with hypothermia reduces the amount of heart damage by more than one third after balloon angioplasty. Researchers in Lund, Sweden have released the results of a study showing that the amount of heart damage in heart attack patients whose body temperature was lower than 35˚C (95˚F) was reduced by more than […]

    Scientists Shed Light On Painkilling System In Brain

    Repeatedly boosting brain levels of one natural painkiller soon shuts down the brain cell receptors that respond to it, so that the painkilling effect is lost, according to a surprising new study led by Scripps Research Institute and Virginia Commonwealth University scientists. The study has important implications for drug development. The natural painkiller, 2-AG, is […]

    Experimental Drug That Targets BRAF Cancer Gene Shows Promise Against Metastatic Melanoma

    A phase 1 clinical trial using a new formulation of an experimental drug that targets the BRAF cancer gene, has shown early promise in treating melanoma in patients with a mutated form of the gene and whose skin cancer has progressed to the metastatic stage. A paper on the trial appears in the 26 August […]

    Chemical Resources launched alternative Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes

    As India reaches the top of pyramid of diabetic patients; experts say that it is also one of the greatest causes of heart diseases.  To make life easy for diabetic patients, Chemical Resources launched anti diabetes product ‘FenFuro’ two months back in India and is being exported to US for the last one year.  FenFuro […]

    Mental health issues during pregnancy are major contributors to infant mortality and poor child health

    Clinical depression and anxiety during pregnancy results in smaller babies that are more likely to die in infancy, according to new research published in the open access journal BMC Public Health. The study, which focused on women living in rural Bangladesh, provides the first finding of its kind in a non-Western population. The research indicates […]

    Study finds BPA exposure impact on endocrine changes in men

    An international group of researchers led by the Peninsula Medical School and the University of Exeter have for the first time identified changes in sex hormones associated with BPA exposure in men, in a large population study. The study results are published in the latest issue of Environmental Health Perspectives. Researchers analysed data from the […]

    Study shows caloric beverage consumption affects short-term total energy intake

    The results of a new scientific study from Oxford Brookes University show that the consumption of caloric beverages has different affects on short-term total energy intake in men and women. The study, conducted by Viren Ranawana and Professor Jeya Henry of the Functional Food Centre at Oxford Brookes University, is the first of its kind […]

    Familial Prostate Cancer Risk Could Be Inflated By Increased Diagnosis Seeking

    A new study from Sweden suggests that the risk of prostate cancer in men with a known family history of the disease could be inflated because such men are more likely to seek a diagnosis, further intensifying the controversial debate on whether PSA testing does more harm than good. Experts writing in the same journal […]