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  • Thursday, October, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:06:34
  • Sun Pharma Acquires Controlling Stake in Taro

    Mumbai,India — Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.  today announced that it has completed the acquisition of a controlling stake in Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Taro) pursuant to the Option Agreement entered into in 2007 with Taro’s controlling shareholders led by Taro’s Chairman, Dr. Barrie Levitt. As a result of the closing, Sun’s subsidiaries have increased their […]

    FDA Committee Unanimously Recommends Approval of Dabigatran Etexilate for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation For non-US and non-UK Healthcare Media only

    Ingelheim, Germany — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cardiovascular and Renal Drugs Advisory Committee today voted 9 to 0 in favour of recommending dabigatran etexilate for stroke prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF). For decades, vitamin K anatgonists such as warfarin have been the most efficacious therapeutic option for stroke prevention in […]

    World Experts to Address the Causes and Treatment Options for Postpartum Hemorrhage, a Major Cause of Global Maternal Death

    Barcelona, Spain — Cook Medical has invited experts in women’s health and postpartum hemorrhage from North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa to participate in a roundtable discussion with the world press to explore the causes, risk factors and prevalence of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) a fatal complication of childbirth that affects approximately 14 million women […]

    One hundred and eleven H1N1 deaths last week: Govt report

    From Our Correspondent New Delhi; About 111 people died of Influenza A H1N1  lasst week while 1038 have been tested positive in different parts of the country during the same period. According to an official report in Maharashtra tops the list in deaths with 42 succmbing to the viral attack. In Gujarat- 29 , in […]

    Cure the Deadly Hepatitis through Traditional Ayurvedam

    By Vaidyavachaspathi N K  Padmanabhan Vaidyar After Dimitri Iosifovich Ivanovsky,  the Russian biologist who discovered viruses in 1892 , over 300 different varieties of this infectious agent have been detected till date.  One among them, the Hepatits – B virus is found to be active only in human bodies and this one could cause fatal […]

    ISB and ETH Zurich Create Map of the Human Proteome

    Seattle, United States — The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle, Washington, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in Zurich, Switzerland announced today at the 9th Annual World Conference of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) in Sydney, Australia, that they have completed the first phase of generating a complete map of […]

    Boehringer Ingelheim Initiates Phase III Clinical Trial with Novel Oral Agent in Advanced Breast Cancer

    Ingelheim, Germany — Boehringer Ingelheim has announced the initiation of a phase III clinical trial to investigate one of its most advanced oncology pipeline compounds, afatinib, for the treatment of patients with advanced (metastatic) breast cancer. Afatinib is an oral compound (taken as a tablet), which is a next generation, targeted therapy, that irreversibly inhibits […]

    High Hormone Levels In Women May Lead To Infidelity: Study

    Women with high levels of the sex hormone oestradiol may engage in opportunistic mating, according to a new study by psychology researchers at The University of Texas at Austin. Doctoral candidate Kristina Durante and Assistant Professor of Psychology Norm Li published their findings in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biology Letters. “The […]

    Placebo Effect Significantly Improves Women’s Sexual Satisfaction, Study Shows

    Many women with low sex drives reported greater sexual satisfaction after taking a placebo, according to new psychology research from The University of Texas at Austin and Baylor College of Medicine. The study was conducted by Cindy Meston, a clinical psychology professor at The University of Texas at Austin, and Andrea Bradford, a 2009 University […]

    MakroCare Opens Switzerland Presence

    Hyderabad, India : Life Sciences has always been a top priority for Switzerland. This focus of the country led to good growth of pharma, biotech, nutrition and medical devices in the country over the decades. To support local firms in expanding and managing global projects, MakroCare announced the opening of a new international office in […]