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  • Wednesday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:50:31
  • Eli Lilly introduces Ramiven® (abemaciclib) in India, for certain high-risk early breast cancer patients

    Abemaciclib is a CDK4/6 inhibitor which has now been approved for HR+ HER2 – node positive high risk early breast cancer. New Delhi: Eli Lilly and Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. (“Lilly India”) has announced the launch of the additional indication for Ramiven® (abemaciclib), following approval from The Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) in combination with […]

    Is your child suffering from severe headaches and dysfunctional motor skills, it can be a sign of Childhood Leukaemia

    Dr. Divyesh Patel, Consultant – Haemato Oncologist & BMT Physician, HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara The most treasured stage of our lives is childhood. The experiences we have as children leave a lasting influence on how secure, healthy, and pleasant our adult lives will be. Parents want their children to live happy, healthy lives, but sadly, […]

    Breast Lumps: Signs, Causes, Treatment

    Dr Krithika Murugan, Surgical Oncologist at HCG Cancer Hospital, Bengaluru Breast cancer involves abnormal growth of cells in breasts that forms a lump or mass of tissues in the breasts. It is the most common kind of cancer affecting women and rarely affects men too. When detected early, breast cancer can be cured, and fatalities […]

    What leads to herniated discs and treatment for a herniated disc?

    Authored by Dr. Umesh Srikantha, Consultant – Neurosurgery, Head of Spine Services, Aster CMI Hospital Our spinal column comprises a series of bones that are stacked onto each other. These bones are cushioned by discs that protect them by absorbing shocks from daily activities like walking, lifting and twisting. Each disc has two parts: a […]

    Is your child constantly falling sick while going to school? What do parents need to watch out for?

    By Dr. Chetan Ginigeri, Lead Consultant – Paediatrics & Paediatric Intensive Care, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore. With the Covid-19 restrictions easing, people have once again resumed their normal lives. The pandemic took a toll on all of us and children along with senior citizens were the worst victims of the disease due to the unavailability […]

    Healthy Lifestyle Practices to lower the risk of prevent Breast Cancer

    Dr. Prakash Bhagat Surgical Oncologist, HCG Cancer Hospital, Ranchi Cancer, a fatal disease which involves uncontrollable abnormal cell division in the body destroying healthy body tissues, is a lifestyle disorder and can be prevented by maintaining a healthy life. Breast cancer, one of the predominant cancers among women, refers to abnormal growth of cells in […]

    Chronic back pain: A common health condition among youngsters

    Authored by Dr. Umesh Srikantha, Consultant – Neurosurgery, Head of Spine Services, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore Back pain today and especially lower back pain have become a chronic ailment in India. The disease is no longer limited to the elderly but is also increasing among the youth. Long working hours along with a sedentary lifestyle […]

    Expecting during winter? Here are some things you can do

    Winters are a time of relief from sweat and heat. Though the pleasant weather and ample fresh food choices make it a great season for pregnant mothers; winter problems demand some extra vigilance and care to stay protected and safe. There are multiple physical and hormonal changes that a woman undergoes during pregnancy, such changes […]

    Natural Healthy Home

    *By Dr. Raghuvansh Mani Pandey (Mob: 9129216798) With the name of natural home, healthy home, biophilic home, organic home or sustainable home are new concept is being practiced now a days. The concept was introduced by E.O. Welson in his 1984 book Biophilia. Wilson a renounced biologist and university research professor Emeritus at Harward out […]

    Rarest of the rare cases – unusual heart disease at a young age – The doctors of GCS Hospital gave a new life through a unique surgery

    Team of Cardiologists at GCS Hospital performed a unique complex surgery that involved opening of blocked heart arteries and the closing of an extra vessel simultaneously.  Patient Deepikaben was diagnosed with a unusual heart diseases at just age of 39 years. The team of interventional cardiologists at GCS Hospital have performed the first-of-its-kind heart procedure […]