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  • Thursday, April, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:50:19
  • Suburban Diagnostics spreads awareness about PCOS for Women’s Health concerns

    Dedicates the month of March to emphasize on the importance of early diagnosis as a precautionary measureDedicating the month of March to create awareness for Women’s Health,Suburban Diagnostics, a leading chain of diagnostic centers in India drives our attention to PCOS, one of the most common disorder affecting women in India. Here is a synopsis […]

    Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. launches immunity check test “COVIPROTECT”

    Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.,India’s leading diagnostic service provider,today announced the launch of a simple blood test to check immunity status post COVID-19 vaccination. The test can help understand seroprevalence in a community, can determine if there was an infection in the past or to understand if seroprevalence has occurred post vaccination and if a person has […]

    Leading by example, 107-year-old male becomes the oldest person in India to get COVID vaccination at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

    New Delhi : Mr Kewal Krishan, age 107 years plus, became the oldest person in India to be vaccinated against COVID under the supervision of his Cardiologist Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.  Two years ago, he was the oldest patient in the world to have undergone stenting to the artery of left […]

    Early-onset diabetes and its symptoms

    By Doctor L Sanjay, Internal Medicine Department at Apollo Spectra Hospital Kondapur Hyderabad Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that occurs when the produced insulin is not sufficient for the body. Such a medical condition causes the body to lose its ability to produce enough insulin, due to which the glucose fails to reach the cells […]

    The relationship between high blood pressure and kidney health

    By Dr.Priyank Salecha, Consultant Urologist and Andrologist at Apollo Spectra Hospital Kondapur Hyderabad The most commonly affiliated condition with high blood pressure is heart disease. But, a lesser-known fact is that blood pressure is one of the top causes of kidney-related conditions too. The damage can go to an extent where the kidneys may give up functioning. […]

    Timely screening is very important to avoid end stage Renal failure – Doctors

    With significant rise in the incidences of renal failure due to Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) there is an urgent need to raise awareness among the masses. In view of the same Fortis Hospital, Gurugram organised a free kidney screening camp at Geetanjali Hospital, Hisar, on the occasion of World Kidney Day. The camp saw a […]

    Transforming the lives of people for the better as a renowned psychologist is Nabhit Kapur

    _“Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.”_* The more we look around us, the more we can note that the planet is being engulfed by negativity’s grasp. Mental health programs are a field of healthcare that has laggards and is often ignored in terms […]

    “With 12 Million Known and Over 90% Undiagnosed Cases, India May House World’s Largest Number of Glaucoma Patients”: Expert

    Mumbai: “India can easily be the world’s capital of glaucoma, a group of eye disorders that leads to irreversible blindness, with the disease affecting 12 million people, and remaining undiagnosed in over 90% of the cases. Increasing population of senior citizens, diabetics and people with refractive errors, the known potential risk factors, are set to […]

    Oxyzone, A Portable Oxygen Can Provides Supplemental Oxygen For Respiratory Support

    ~This homegrown brand  promotes a healthy lifestyle with its handy oxygen canisters  that contain all-natural oxygen for supplemental use ~ Living amidst a pandemic has compelled us to protect ourselves from air-borne diseases and pollutants in the air. Oxyzone, a portable oxygen canister that contains all-natural oxygen has been launched in India. Featuring a consumer-friendly […]

    Fortis Escorts Heart Institute emphasizes on the importance of ‘Calcium Scoring Test’: A simple method to detect the risk of a future heart attack

    New Delhi: Doctors at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute are emphasizing the importance of the ‘Calcium Scoring Test’ – a simple which detects the risk of future heart attacks. Through the test, the amount of calcium in the coronary artery is determined via a specialized CT imaging – confirming the total area being occupied in the […]