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  • Obama calls Netanyahu, offers help to battle fire

    US President Barack Obama has assured Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his administration was pursuing a “full court press” to combat the biggest forest fire in the Jewish country’s history, that has already claimed 41 lives. “The President said he is pleased that American and Israeli officials have been in near-constant contact since the fires […]

    US suspected Yemen had portable missiles: cables

    US officials suspected that Yemen had a secret cache of shoulder-fired missiles that could have threatened US forces if it fell in the wrong hands, new cables released by WikiLeaks said. An embassy cable marked “secret” and dated 4th August 2009 says an informant whose name has been redacted told US political officers that Yemen’s […]

    US govt employees barred from WikiLeaks

    The White House ordered government agencies to block employees from accessing WikiLeaks from official computers, saying the diplomatic cables leaked by the website remain classified documents. “The recent disclosure of US government documents by WikiLeaks has resulted in damage to our national security,” the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said in a […]

    China, Japan clash over Kyoto Protocol

    Negotiators from China and Japan clashed over the Kyoto Protocol at the UN climate change meet in Cancun, highlighting the uncertain future of the only treaty that puts legally binding emission targets on industrialised nations. Noting that some countries do not “like” the Kyoto Protocol, deputy head of China’s delegation, Huang Huikang said, “Now we are […]

    60 dead in Europe as snow, floods cause havoc

    At least 60 people have died across Europe during the current cold snap, as snow plagued transport in Britain and serious flooding prompted mass evacuations in the Balkans Friday. Seventeen people died in Central Europe in the last 24 hours from the cold, bringing the total this week to 45. A further 11 died in […]

    EU Ready to Start Talks with U.S. on Data Protection Agreement

    European Union (EU) Justice Ministers on Friday approved the start of talks with the U.S. on a personal data protection agreement to fight terrorism or crime. The negotiations between the EU and the U.S. on a bilateral agreement on the protection of personal information, such as passenger data or financial information, which is transferred as […]

    Brazil’s President-elect Announces Three Ministers

    The office of Brazil’s President-elect Dilma Rousseff announced on Friday the names of three more ministers of her cabinet. In a statement released earlier in the day, President-elect Roussef confirmed Former Finance Minister and current House representative Antonio Palocci as her new Chief of Staff. Gilberto Carvalho was chosen as the General Secretary of the […]

    Obama on a surprise visit to Afghanistan

    President Barack Obama on Friday arrived at the Bagram Air Base in Kabul on an unannounced surprise visit to Afghanistan to take stock of US war-strategy. Obama was stuck at the Bagram air base and unable to move to Kabul and meet the Afghan President, Hamid Karzai due to bad weather. When Obama landed at Bagram late Friday night local Afghan time, ceiling […]

    US slaps sanctions against 3 Pak-based terrorists

    US has slapped sanctions against three Pakistan-based key terrorists leaders, including Abdul Rauf Azhar the top commander of Jaish-e-Mohammed in India, who in 2008 was assigned to organise suicide attacks in the country. The Treasury Department also slapped sanctions on two other terrorists — Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LJ) senior leader Amanullah Afridi for acting for or […]

    Individual cables not US’ statement of policy: US State Dept

    Stung by the release of confidential documents by a whistleblower site, the US on Friday said cables documents are not its statement of policy, but only an interpretation of information and interpretation of the events. “A particular cable is not a statement of policy. A particular cable is an interpretation of information or reporting of […]