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  • Wednesday, April, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:04:25
  • ‘Cuban model doesn’t work’-Fidel Castro

    Fidel Castro, the man who transformed Cuba into a communist economy 50-year-ago, seems to be disillusioned by the cash-strapped system he pioneered saying it no longer works. In a blunt assessment of the island’s economy, former President Castro has said “the Cuban model doesn’t even work for us any more.” It could be seen as […]

    I Should’ve Been “More Active” in Resolving Hostage Crisis :-Philippine President Benigno Aquino III

    Philippine President Benigno Aquino III said Thursday he should have taken a more active role in resolving the August 23 hostage-taking incident that led to the death of eight tourists from Hong Kong. “Perhaps, I should have taken a more active role,” Aquino said in an interview with the anchors of the country’s three largest […]

    Kidnappers Free British Journalist Asad Qureshi

    A British journalist named Asad Qureshi who was kidnapped by Punjabi Taliban in Pakistan on March 26, 2010 was released Thursday morning, reported local Urdu TV channel Dawn News. According to the report, the kidnapped Asad Qureshi was released by Taliban in the country’s northwest tribal area of North Waziristan. Asad Qureshi, a British citizen […]

    Julia Gillard Recall Parliament on Sept 28

    Australian winning Labor Party Thursday held first caucus meeting in Canberra since the Aug. 21 general election, with its leader announced to recall parliament on Sept. 28. Prime Minister Julia Gillard used the meeting to reveal her intention to recall parliament on Sept. 28 in the first formal test of the nation’s hung parliament. At […]

    U.S. Gratified with NY Bomb Attempt Arrests in Pakistan

    The United States is “gratified ” that Pakistan has arrested three suspects for their alleged role in the failed car bomb attempt in Times Square of New York City, the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday. “We believe strongly that Faisal Shahzad had help within Pakistan,” State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said, referring to the […]

    U.S. Clergyman’s Call to Burn Quran Draws Alarm

    The president of the UN General Assembly (GA) said on Wednesday that he “is profoundly concerned and alarmed by the call made by a clergyman in U.S. state of Florida to burn copies of the holly Quran.” A statement, issued by Ali Abdussalam Treki’s spokesman, said, “The president of the General Assembly condemns such calls, […]

    Obama Unveils New Jobs Program

    U.S. President Barack Obama announced a set of initiatives on Wednesday in a bid to speed up the economic recovery and help business spur hiring. Obama outlined an array of program including permanent extension of research and development tax credits for businesses and infrastructure investments, when giving a speech in Cleveland, Ohio. Obama on Monday […]

    Nigerian President Announces Appointment of New Service Chiefs

    Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Wednesday in Abuja announced the appointment new service chiefs.

    Gunmen Storm Prison in Northern Nigeria

    Unknown gunmen on Tuesday stormed a prison in northern Nigeria, local authorities said. Gunmen targeted the federal prison in the Bauchi State where members of an extremist Muslim group were held. Authorities said the attack aimed to set free some of their members awaiting trial following the last year religious crisis which claimed many lives […]

    Chinese Citizens Ranked EU’s 10th Biggest Foreign Population Group

    Chinese citizens are the 10th largest foreign population group within the European Union’s 27- member states in 2009, according to a Eurostat report. The total number of foreigners living in an EU country from which they are not citizens is 31.9 million, of which 11.9 million are citizens of another member state and 20 million […]