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  • LTTE-era security check points in Colombo to be dismantled

    More than 17 months after the LTTE was defeated by Sri Lankan security forces, authorities have decided to remove in phases the high security check points in the capital Colombo. “Government has decided to remove all security check points in the Colombo city gradually,” Military spokesman Major General Ubaya Medawala said on Wednesday. Since the […]

    Iran allowed civilian nuclear power, but not N-weapons:Clinton

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that Iran is entitled to the peaceful use of civilian nuclear power but renewed accusations that the Islamic republic was seeking atomic weapons. “Iran is entitled to the peaceful use of civilian nuclear power. They are not entitled to a nuclear weapons programme,” Clinton said. Speaking on […]

    108 dead, 500 missing after tsunami hits Indonesia

    At least 108 people were killed and more than 500 missing on Tuesday including a group of Australian surfers, after a tsunami triggered by a powerful earthquake hit a remote Indonesian island chain, destroying villages in its path. The 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck in the Mentawai Islands area west of Sumatra late yesterday, generating waves as […]

    Iran injects fuel into core of first reactor

    Iran has announced on Tuesday morning the injection of fuel into the core of the reactor at Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. Iranian and Russian engineers started moving nuclear fuel into the main reactor building in August but a reported leak in a storage pool delayed injection of the fuel into the reactor. […]

    Australian Opposition Ahead of Labor Party in Latest Poll

    The Opposition has edged ahead of Australian Labor government in the latest polls released on Tuesday. The Newspoll published by The Australian daily found the Opposition leads Labor 52 percent to 48 percent on a two-party- preferred basis. Two weeks ago the parties were locked together on 50 percent each. It is believed to be […]

    US ‘skeptical’ of Iran’s role in Afghan

    The United States said it was “skeptical” of Iranian role in Afghanistan given its “history of playing a destabilising role with its neighbours” after Afghan President Hamid Karzai publicly admitted receiving bags of cash from Tehran. However, the State Department, hoped that Iran, just like other governments of the region, will play a constructive role […]

    Nigeria Says Committed to Biological Weapon Convention

    Nigeria reiterated Monday its commitments to the Biological Weapon Convention (BWC). Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) Yayale Ahmed made the announcement at a regional workshop in Abuja on implementation of BWC for West and Central Africa. Biological agents posed a high risk that should not be toyed with, he added. The BWC […]

    Chilean President Vows to Improve Miners’ Work Conditions

    Chilean President Sebastian Pinera reaffirmed Monday his government’s commitment to improve work conditions of the mining industry through legislation. “We learnt the lesson and in these days we are going to announce new treatments on labor,” Pinera said at a ceremony for the 33 rescued miners of San Jose copper mine. “You have taught us […]

    Researchers Find Oil on Bottom of Gulf of Mexico

    U.S. scientists said Monday that large amounts of oil have accumulated on the Gulf of Mexico seafloor, contradicting earlier statements by federal officials that the oil leaking from BP’s damaged underwater well had largely gone. Researchers aboard the research ship Cape Hatteras, which ended its research trip to the spill site last week, found oil […]

    UN fears nationwide cholera crisis in Haiti

    The United Nations has said it fears that Haiti’s cholera crisis could spread across the country, infecting tens of thousands of people. “A nationwide outbreak with tens of thousands of cases is a real possibility,” said a UN statement yesterday which confirmed five cases in the capital, Port-au-Prince. “This is an extremely serious situation and […]