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  • Monday, June, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:15:35
  • Julia Gillard Announces Plan to Visit Malaysia, Indonesia

    Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced her plan to visit Malaysia and Indonesia, after attending the East Asian Summit in Vietnam at the end of this month. In a statement released on Friday, Gillard said she will make an official visit to Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia on Oct. 31, and Nov. 1, to conduct meetings […]

    U.S. Announces 60 Billion Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

    The United States announced a major arms sale deal to Saudi Arabia worth around 60 billion dollars. Officials say the deal is not expected to draw objections from Israel. The deal, posted on the website of Defense Security Cooperation Agency, is comprised of 84 F-15SA fighter jets, 70 AH-64D APACHE Longbow Helicopters, 72 UH-60M BLACKHAWK […]

    Egypt to hold parliamentary elections on 28th Nov

    After months of uncertainty, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has set 28th November as the date for Parliamentary elections in the country, where the state of emergency is in place since 1981. Mubarak announced the poll date in a decree issued on Wednesday. A total number of 508 seats are up for grabs after 64 seats […]

    Obama to visit Pak only in 2011: White House

    Pakistan’s desperate attempts to persuade US President Barack Obama to visit the country now have failed, with the White House making it clear that he would undertake that trip only in 2011. Pakistani media has reported that Islamabad had launched hectic diplomatic efforts to ensure an Obama visit either before he travels to India on […]

    Death toll from Typhoon Megi rises to 27 in Philippines

    The death toll in thePhilippines from Typhoon Megi rose to 27 after more reports of damage and casualties emerged  on Thursday, the government and Red Cross reported. The typhoon slammed into the northeastern side of the main Philippine island of Luzon on Monday, ripping roofs off houses, toppling power lines. With wind gusts of 260 kilometres per hour, it was […]

    Eight pro-Taliban militants killed in Pakistan

    Eight pro-Taliban militants, including a commander, died in two separate incidents in restive areas in Pakistan’s northwest on Thursday, officials said. Six Taliban fighters, including a commander named Hakim Khan, were killed when the vehicle they were travelling in was targeted with a remote-controlled roadside bomb in Marinday town in the volatile Kurram tribal region. Khan […]

    UK says it has no plan to close down Gorkha brigade

    Britain has officially dismissed reports that it is planning to discontinue the age old Gorkha soldiers’ brigade. “The British government has no plan at all to discontinue the Gorkha soldier unit of the British Army”, a British Embassy spokesman said. The remarks came in response to media reports quoting a British Parliament member about the […]

    Afghans cancel one quarter of parliamentary votes

    Afghan election authorities cancelled 1.3 million votes in last month’s parliamentary election, nearly a quarter of the 5.6 million ballots cast, the country’s top electoral officer said on Wednesday. “The total number of ballots poured into the boxes was 5,600,000, the valid vote is 4,265,347, and the invalid vote is around 1,300,000,” said Fazil Ahmad […]

    Police break fuel blockades in France strike

    Police cleared protestors blockading French fuel depots today and youths skirmished with police as the government warned of economic damage from prolonged strikes against its pensions reform. A third of France’s filling stations ran dry yesterday, the government said, while cars were set alight and shops looted on the sidelines of protests that brought a […]

    UK government stakes its future on austerity plan

    Recession- battered Britain learns the true cost of the global financial crisis on Wednesday, as the country’s government outlines the largest cuts to public spending since World War II, slashing benefits and public sector jobs with a five year austerity plan aimed at clearing the nation’s debts. After spending billions bailing out indebted banks, and […]