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  • Where Will We Draw the Line in Ukraine?

    Sam Ben-Meir With last week’s bombing of a maternity ward, the increased targeting of Ukrainian civilians, and the strike against a military base just miles from the Polish border, the brutality and audacity of Russian forces will only grow as Putin becomes increasingly desperate to crush Ukraine’s government, its independence, and its will to fight. […]

    Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Rwanda

    Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which takes place in Kigali, Rwanda during the week of 20th June. “As the world works to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and in this Jubilee year, it is more important than ever that […]

    Putting Israel To Shame Will Be Bennett’s Legacy

    Bennett’s journey to Moscow was bound to fail from the onset; but for Bennett, who thought the trip would provide him an opportunity to show statesmanship, instead it sadly revealed his shortsightedness and self-indulgence. Righting the Wrong It has now become clear that Prime Minister Bennett’s trip to Moscow failed to produce a negotiated settlement […]

    US has built two military biological laboratories in Ukraine that were creating Pathogens

    Interview Part 3 Question: Russia has officially lost 500 soldiers in just one week of fighting, and other estimates are much, much higher. At this rate, we’re looking at one of the most costly campaigns in recent Russian history, far deadlier that Afghanistan or Chechnya, for example. The official message was that Russians would be […]

    Ukraine has been turned into anti-Russia and we can’t afford that

    Interview Part 2 Question: Not so long ago we interviewed some European officials. They said NATO really did not want to expand eastward. Russia was not supposed to have any problems with this. Now such statements are no longer made. Why have these changes appeared and why were such Russian media as Sputnik and RT […]

    “In the Past Napoleon and Hitler set out to subjugate Europe; Now, the United States has taken it over”

    Russia is firm on their resolve to counter the mounting military influence of US in Ukraine.  Justifying the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine as a legitimate exercise to demilitarise their nighbour for Russian foresees a security threat in the event of their immediate neighbor joining NATO and US building a military base there.  Russian Foreign […]

    Russia wants urgent UNSC meeting on US Biological Weapon facilities in Ukraine

    From Our Special Correspondent United Nations: Russia urges for an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council on Friday, March 11, to deliberate on the US military biological facilities in Ukraine, Russian News Agency TASS reports. , According to the news agency Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky  has tweeted “”Russian […]

    The Establishment of An Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian Confederation: Why Now and How?

    Alon Ben-Meir  The following is a brief synopsis of a major peace proposal that would bring about an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under the framework of an Israeli-Palestinian- Jordanian confederation. The entire proposal was recently published online by World Affairs and it will be available in print in the second week of March. After […]

    Documents Illustrate NATO Betrayed Moscow on Promise of ‘No Expansion’

    By Klaus Wiegrefe (inosmi.ru) A document has been found in British archives that confirms that Western countries in negotiations in 1989-1991 promised the USSR they would not expand NATO eastward,they would not expand NATO eastward, the German magazine ‘Spiegel’ reports. Gorbachev gave up the GDR and other “socialist countries” without resistance. In return, the Americans […]

    For Ukraine, the Time is Now

    Sam Ben-Meir  Over 2 million Ukrainians have now become refugees – each one a part of the largest dispersal of Europeans across the continent in decades. Over 1,000 villages and towns are without water, electricity and heat, while medical supplies are rapidly dwindling, swelling a humanitarian crisis that is rapidly growing worse by the day. […]