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  • President of India Smt. Droupadi Murmu inaugurates Kaushal Bhawan – a testament to the commitment to empower India’s Yuva Shakti

    New Delhi  : In a momentous occasion filled with pride, the President of India, Smt. Droupadi Murmu today inaugurated the Kaushal Bhawan— a symbol of India’s unwavering dedication to empowering the country’s youth through skills. Kaushal Bhawan is a manifestation of Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi’s vision to empower the youth under Skill India Mission, […]

    6 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

    Car accidents are becoming a problem in the US, and the technology takeover doesn’t seem to be helping. In fact, there seem to be more accidents, with drivers focusing on their smartphones or GPS devices rather than the road. In these trying times where distractions are aplenty, there’s a group of people you can trust […]

    Your Rights in Ohio: Can You Refuse a Field Sobriety Test?

    In Ohio, you should be aware of your legal rights if you are ever stopped by the police. If they suspect you of DUI, they will ask you to submit to a field sobriety test. This may make you wonder: can you refuse a field sobriety test in Ohio? While you have the legal right […]

    What to Do If You Were Injured on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282

    Approximately six minutes into a flight from Portland International Airport, a door plug on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 failed, causing rapid decompression and injuries to some passengers. This resulted in some passengers getting injured. If you suffered any injuries on this flight, here is what you should do next. Husain Law + Associates is currently […]

    Beyond the Courtroom: Avenues for Compensation that the Best Personal Injury Lawyers Explore to Guarantee Fair Compensation

    After an accident, it is normal for questions to race through your mind. How did this happen? Who was at fault? What injuries have I sustained? Will I be able to work? How will I pay these medical bills?  These questions, in addition to the excruciating pain that is common after most accidents, can be […]

    Midland Oil Field Lawyer

    In the heartland of Texas, where derricks pierce the sky and black gold flows like liquid ambition, thrives a breed of legal eagle forged in the heat of the oil field.  This is the domain of the Midland oil field lawyer, a sharp-minded strategist with a gavel in one hand and a wellhead lease in […]

    Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LAccMI) Public Transportation Network Launched in Koraput District by Hon’ble CM Shri Naveen Patnaik

    The Location Multi-modal Initiative (LAccMI) was officially launched in Koraput District today. The inauguration ceremony was led by the Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik, marking a significant milestone in the development of the state’s public transport infrastructure. Koraput becomes the sixth district to benefit from the LAccMI scheme and signifies the completion […]

    Bar and Bench Tussle: Jail the Lawyer, orders Magistrate; Oust the Magistrate, demand Lawyers

    Kochi: There is not much surprise in a Bar and Bench verbal duel. It is quite usual; advocates engage in heated arguments with the Court to establish their case in progress. But it is certainly strange, a judge orders the arrest of an advocate in uniform from inside the court. The Judicial First-class Magistrate court, […]

    Closing Loopholes: Florida Legislators Target Medical Malpractice Laws

    As a journalist covering medical malpractice issues, I have witnessed the struggles faced by families affected by negligence. In Florida, a unique loophole in the law has left many feeling frustrated and powerless. However, there is hope on the horizon as legislators set their sights on closing this loophole once and for all. Key Takeaways: […]

    What Is Israel’s End-Game In Gaza?

    Alon Ben-Meir – Nov 10, 2023 Unless Israel establishes an exit strategy and an end-game that will lead to a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in full coordination with the US and Saudi Arabia, the war against Hamas will only be another brutal violent episode that will prepare the ground for the next conflagration that […]