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  • Thursday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:52:12
  • Venus worldwide entertainment pvt. Ltd along with Kaamini Khanna launched an enchanting Sufi Album- Beauty with Astrology- Inner and Outer Beauty with Astrology

    Kaamini Khanna in association with Champak Jain of Venus worldwide entertainment pvt. Ltd extended their association and launched the Sufi Album Beauty with Astrology – Inner and Outer with Astrology. The launch of the album witnessed the obliging presence of Champak Jain seen following the rituals and unveiling the album. Anoop Jalota made a gracious […]

    Gurus with Ego

    How astrology can “reveal” the real saint, the real sadhus..etc? This is Kali yuga. While a really spiritual person must continuously try to destroy ego, so many spiritual gurus are there around us with bloated egos which are easily offended at a hint of criticism or overly excited at sycophancy. Such gurus are not of […]

    Testing Guru

    I had read some books on Thakur in Bengali and in one there was the description of an incident. Once Swamiji wanted to test Thakur. Since Thakur used to say that he could not handle money (as it represented something grossly material), Swamiji deliberately put a note under Taker’s pillow when Thakur was not in […]

    More on Guru

    Quite seriously, please do not address me as a guru. Guru is a very heavy word. It means the remover of the darkness of ignorance. I am NOT a guru. If She wants to answer something, She can pick someone and answer through them. The person in question is just a nimitta. Actually, Vasishtha teaches […]

    What one should do if he doesn’t have a Guru?

    Just wait. Changdev maharaj waited for more than 1,000 years for his guru. Then he got what needed from his guru in just a few days. Getting the right guru can change one’s spiritual trajectory forever. Some people say, “Whoever is your guru, just follow that guru blindly and you will achieve”. That is partly […]

    How to Find a Guru

     Is there any simple thing like a mantra or some other thing which if done regularly will help one take him to his guru and find one guru in a physical body?  After all we are not Lord Dattatreya who can take teachings from nature. For someone like you, your guru is there. He can […]