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  • Tuesday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:59:50
  • National Technology Day Quote on Behalf of Exploring Industry Stories for OLX India

    “On National Technology Day, we reflect on the profound impact of technology on modern marketplaces, revolutionizing the way people buy and sell goods and services. Technology serves as a powerful tool in fostering trust, transparency, and security, crucial elements in combating fraud and protecting user data privacy.In today’s digital age, marketplaces like OLX harness the […]

    National Technology Day – Quote on behalf of RV Ramanathan, CEO and Co-Founder of Hyperface

    “Today, we celebrate the transformative potential of technology in reshaping India’s financial landscape. As the world gravitates toward rapid digital transformation, fintechs stand at the forefront, revolutionising how financial services are delivered and consumed. With widespread smartphone penetration and affordable internet, fintech solutions can now reach even the most remote corners of our country, unlocking opportunities for […]

    National Technology Day 2024: The need for strategic technological investments

    “AI is a given–and India, along with other countries such as Singapore, the UK and the US are leading with AI integration. With 60% of companies in these regions reporting active AI investments, IT leaders are urged to also reconsider their cloud investments, with over 85% of AI leaders globally looking to enhance their cloud […]

    National Technology Day – Tech on Top across Sectors

    National Technology Day is a celebration of the remarkable achievements and advancements made in the field of technology. It’s a day to recognize the pivotal role that technology plays in our lives, societies, economies, and the world at largeTechnology drives innovation by constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. It enables us to develop […]

    Industry comments – National Technology Day

    Ram Meenakshisundaram, Chief Technology Officer, Virtusa Corporation “As technology continues to redefine the landscape of progress, National Technology Day serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of its transformative power. At Virtusa, through our Jatayu initiatives, we empower young minds to innovate and drive meaningful change. By providing mentorship and guidance, we fuel the […]

    Kirisun to unveil next-generation DMR and PTToC solutions at CCW 2024 in Dubai

     Dubai, UAE  : Kirisun, a pioneer in mission and business-critical communication solutions, is gearing up to captivate audiences at the Critical Communications World (CCW) 2024 in Dubai – announcing that its state-of-the-art digital mobile radio (DMR) and push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) solutions will be showcased at the event. Taking place from 14-16 May at Dubai […]

    Eventus Security Honored as Publisher’s Choice MSSP in the Global InfoSec Awards 2024

     Mumbai : Eventus Security, a leading cybersecurity service provider, is proud to announce its remarkable achievement of winning the Global Infosec Awards 2024 from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. This recognition holds special significance as it follows Eventus winning last year the Coveted Top InfoSec Innovator Awards for 2023. […]

    ACKO Launches Ambulance-Booking Feature on App

     Bangalore  – In its portfolio of multiple offerings, ACKO, the tech-first insurer, has added a unique feature of booking an ambulance on its mobile app. This aligns with ACKO’s vision of becoming a one-stop destination for all protection needs by extending its services beyond insurance solutions. The feature is currently available in Bangalore, and will […]

    Five projectors that are guaranteed to enhance your PS5 gaming experience

    Over the past decade, the world of gaming has undergone a significant transformation. Moving away from traditional PC monitors and TVs, advancements in technology have propelled laser projectors into the spotlight, gaining increasing popularity among gamers. Some of the major attractions of these projectors include their quick responsiveness without any input lag, smooth refresh rate, […]

    How Do Different VN88 Rezence Wireless Charging Materials Affect Charging Efficiency?

    Wireless charging has become increasingly popular as a convenient way to power up our devices without the hassle of tangled cords. However, not all wireless chargers are created equal, and their charging efficiency can vary depending on the materials used in their construction. This article will explore how different materials used in VN88 Rezence wireless […]