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  • Saturday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:45:01
  • Pre-Budget Expectation -Online Gaming Industry

    Commenting on the pre-budget expectations for the industry, Mr. Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation, “AIGF is determined to implement the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision for the online gaming sector through the continued expansion and transformation of this industry in India. We have seen a lot of progressive regulatory moves recently in the context of […]

    Union Budget 2023: The wish list from the technology sector

    The technology sector in India has been growing rapidly over the last few years, driven by a number of factors such as increasing digital adoption, the growth of e-commerce, launch of 5G services and the rising demand for cloud services. Ahead of Union Budget 2023, here’s what the technology sector expects: “Despite recent global headwinds, […]

    Pre-budget expectation quote from Mr. Rahul Sharma, President, Aluminium Association of India

    Mr. Rahul Sharma, President, Aluminium Association of India “India has ushered in a prosperous era of Amrit Kaal, signalling unprecedented growth for every Indian. As we progress to becoming a $5 trillion economy, each step counts. The upcoming budget 2023 aims to lay down a progressive roadmap towards India becoming a developed economy by 2047. […]

    PRE- BUDGET QUOTE from Mr. Shujaul Rehman, CEO, Garware Technical Fibres Limited

    “This year’s budget is going to be of great significance, especially after visible global economic headwinds pointing towards some Western countries facing recession-like situations and China witnessing a slowdown due to re-surge in it’s Covid cases. What we expect from Honourable Finance Minister is to provide more incentives and remittances for manufacturing sector, which will […]

    Quote- year-ender- Pet Care Startup

    “Pet care was just another business before the Covid19 pandemic. However, in the last three years, it is now one of the largest sectors to reach its zenith with no signs of slowing down. Younger Indians, who sparked the pandemic pet craze, tend to spend more on food, treats, and hygiene care for their pets […]

    Pre- budget expectations from the Real Estate Sector -Mr. Jasmeet Singh Suri, Director, Empire Prime Realty

    “In agreement with the PM’s vision of Housing for all, Mr. Jasmeet Singh Suri, Director, Empire Prime Realty was of the opinion that, the Home loan Interest Rates needed to be rationalized, in the recent times, the increased rates by the RBI has made a huge dent in the affordability of Home loans resulting in lower demand. In addition to […]

    Pre-Budget expectation quote from Great Lakes Institute of Management

    “The budget 2023 comes at a time when the world is expecting the next pandemic wave, the geopolitical uncertainties, including the continued war between Russia and Ukraine, and slowing growth, but the continued high level of inflation in the United States. It is also a pre-election year budget. The budget for 2023 is expected to announce […]

    Budget Expectations Quote from Atul Goyal, CFO, Brigade Enterprises

    “The real estate sector would greatly benefit if it is granted infrastructure status as this will promote greater transparency, boost investment and borrowing capacity. Additionally, it would help if stamp duty charges are minimized or subsumed under GST. With regard to affordable housing, we urge the government to consider reinstatement of the concessional GST rate […]

    Views of Mr. Pratik Gauri, Co Founder & CEO, 5ire on Bitcoin turning 14 today

    “Besides introducing a new asset class and posing a challenge to the world banking and economic system, the most significant legacy of Bitcoin remains the popularity of Blockchain networks and the innovation it spurned in the blockchain space. Even after 14 years, Bitcoin has not been positively affected by the rapid innovation and the switch […]

    Views of Mr. Dilip Modi, Founder, Spice Money on UPI transactions surge 7.7% in Dec to ₹12.8-lakh crore

    “According to NPCI data, UPI has once again crossed a crucial milestone, ending the year with 782 crore transactions with a value of Rs 12.8 lakh crore in December 2022. We are delighted to see UPI usage increasing exponentially as a result of the government’s ongoing efforts to promote digital transactions over the last few […]