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  • Wednesday, March, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:13:42
  • Trends that dominated 2020 and expectations for 2021 – Retail & E commerce Sector

    Snapbizz –The consumer retail segment has witnessed rapid growth in terms of digitization of MSMEs in 2020. This was fuelled by the current covid era which brought in new opportunities in the retail sector specially for Kiranas. As a result, over a million Kiranas have gone digital in recent months and their stores have gone online […]

    Time for clear words and actions

    Josip Juratovic (SPD), Member of the German Bundestag With the Polish and Hungarian veto on the so-called Multi-year Financial Framework, the lingering conflict between the EU and its member countries that would like to enjoy the economic benefits of the EU without respecting the values of the rule of law and democracy, has recently escalated to […]

    Is Technology Destroying or Creating Jobs?

    – By Mr. Sanjay Sehgal, Chairman and CEO, MSys Group Every single technology dystopian movie, has preyed on a single human fear – when computers take over, human beings will become redundant. The Matrix trilogy, Terminator, Robocop, I-Robot, or even that disaster of a film where human beings aspired to a crime-free world by arresting […]

    Year Ender Perspective & Outlook for 2021 – Lt. Gen Dr. SP Kochhar, DG, COAI

    “Like any other sector, the telecom industry was also impacted by the pandemic with a sharp fall in the number of subscribers in March and April. However, business and individuals adopted digital ways, the telecom industry emerged as a saviour. Many telecom players have benefitted from a surge in the traffic of data and voice, due to […]

    Women Entrepreneurs and Influencers 2021 expectation quotes

    Malini Agarwal – Founder MissMalini and Creative Director Malini’s Girl Tribe I think the one thing 2020 has made me realise is that expectation v/s reality is a slippery slope. We all had grand plans for 2020 and look where we ended up. The one personal silver lining to the pandemic has been some major […]

    Views on Consumer Staples and Discretionary – Year-end outlook by YES SECURITIES

    Mr. Himanshu Nayyar, Lead Analyst – Institutional Equities, YES SECURITIES views on Consumer Staples and Discretionary Sector Consumer Staples and Discretionary in 2020 The consumption space has shown strong resilience in terms of the impact and recovery post the COVID-induced lockdowns. While staples companies were the least impacted by the supply chain disruptions coming up […]

    Standardized Risk Management Framework and deeper digital integration essential to manage COVID like crisis: Sunil Mehta, CEO of Indian Banks Association

    Hyderabad: The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA), a global forum for the development and promotion of the risk profession, has launched its 50th chapter in New Delhi. It was digitally inaugurated with discussions on “Evolving Role of Risk Management in the Times of COVID & Beyond.”  The webinar deep dived into the unforeseen challenges […]

    Year End and Sector Outlook Quote by Mr. Vinayak Deshpande, MD, Tata Projects Ltd

    Looking Back at 2020: Driven by the pandemic and resulting lockdown, we migrated to new digital tools and processes both on and off ground to improve efficiency. We embraced remote working methods to meet the needs of our customers and learned to operate with minimal overhead expenses. These measures helped us to enhance our performance […]

    Year-ender statement – Ms. Nidhi Pundhir, Director – HCL Foundation

    “Corporate philanthropy is a vital component of a welfare state like India. The year 2020 has been an unprecedented one and challenging across sectors, as a global health crisis brought all of humanity to a virtual standstill. These difficult times have changed the way organizations operate, and we have now started adapting to the new […]

    We need a 2nd Declaration on WTO TRIPs and Public Health

    New Delhi: “Concerned with the rejection of the India and South Africa’s proposal on waiver of IPRs on Covid19 vaccine in the recent WTO TRIPs council meeting, the global civil society should take lead in pressing for a second version of the Doha Declaration on TRIPs and Public Health in order to deal with the […]