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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:57:23
  • Society is more responsible for Delhi gang Rape case, says NGO

    Mumbai. Delhi’s ganagRape case is a painful reminder that we people are responsible for such crimes and we always blame police and government,” says Malad (West) based NGO “Gandhi Vichar Manch’s President Manmohan Gupta. He blamed the modern movies where the women wear skimpy cloths. It is being copied by our girls and we allow […]

    Doom Of Another Corruption Crusade

    By S R N The split of the Anna Hazare –led crusade against corruption was inevitable and just a matter of time. Finally it happened with no much spat between the rival factions.  Not surprising, the split did not make much ripples either in the social sphere or political world. In fact, a  year back in […]

    ‘Why this Kolaveri?’

    By Nanditha Subhadra CPM  was in high spirits just a month ago, thanks to the 5th minister issue that  invited the wrath of a section of the majority community and many others.  UDF was finding it difficult to explain its position and the CPM-led LDF had scored a point or two on this. But unfortunately, […]

    Did Anna win his battle?

    By  S R Nair With both Houses of Parliament on Saturday passed a resolution conveying the sense of the House on the Lokpal Bill on the three basic issues raised by Anna which demands inclusion of  Citizen’s Charter listing the duties of employees in a department and outlining punishment should those duties not be performed, extending  the anti-corruption watchdog’s jurisdiction […]

    Anna’s corruption crusade being hijacked?

    By S R N The fast of Anna Hazare, in his quest for freedom from corruption, has reached the 7th day today.  It is said that charity begins at home. Anna began his mission single handedly from his native village, RALEGAN SIDDHI in in Maharashtra. Today, the astute and spartan onetime soldier of the Indian […]

    Is Anna getting mislead?

    By S R Nair Indeed, Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption is laudable. Anna has made the government realize that the larger issues affecting the common man has to be dealt with  expeditiously and in a manner which will lead to the objective with which the issue has been raised.  The issue of corruption is global […]

    A weak PM Compounds Congress Confusion: Party May Ponder a Change

    Author : Suresh Unnithan He may not be  corrupt, but no more a Mr. Clean as was perceived by many. In Less than two years from the date Mr. Manmohan Singh assumed his second term as Prime Minister of the country his image, both as an administrator and political leader has taken repeated beatings, thanks […]