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  • Sunday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:53:41
  • Repeal the Second Amendment, Palladium of Death

    Sam Ben-Meir It is shameful and unconscionable that this country has allowed gun violence to become the leading cause of death among children in the United States – but that is the reality. The legislation, including gun measures, recently proposed by a bipartisan group of senators represents a step in the right direction: it does […]

    Attack on Gurudwara in Kabul

    Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik The deadly attack on the Gurudwara in Kabul’s Karte-Parwan has  terrified  the Sikhs in Afghanistan beyond description.  Not many decades back millions of Sikhs happily inhabited the cities and villages of Afghanistan. Presently about 150 200 Sikh families survive and India has granted visa for 111 Sikhs, after the terrorist attack.  Some […]

    Firefighting to save Agnipath!

    Dr Vedapratap Vaidik  A day before I had written in my regular column that the agitation against Agnipath recruitment scheme was likely to turn more aggressive compared to many previous protests. As I apprehended, the agitation has spread across the country. In the beginning the agitation was limited to certain cities in North India and […]

    Quote from Mr. Murali Ramakrishnan, MD &CEO, South Indian Bank – US Federal Rate Hike

    “Inflationary concerns have raged even the mightiest of economies, including the US. Yesterday’s decision by the US Fed to raise the policy rates puts the recent repo rate hikes by RBI in proper perspective. The upward rate revisions by two of the world’s biggest central banks — the Fed & the RBI, would trigger the […]

    Ours is a democracy; People are the Masters

    Dr. Vedapratap Vaidik Violent protest has spread across the country against the Modi Government’s newly announced   Agneepath scheme. This  protest  if from youths  seeking employment and  It is different from the farmers’  agitations or  protest from  the Muslim community. Those agitations were limited to certain sections of the society. But here in this ongoing protest […]

    A New Four-Nation Group in West Asia

    Dr Vedapratap Vaidik US President Joe Biden is visiting Saudi Arabia next month.  The President, in the same leg of his trip, will also visit Israel and Palestine.  During Biden’s scheduled visit a new four-nation group (G4) with   America, India, Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to take shape.  There is already a […]

    Global arena opens for Hindi

    Dr  Vedapratap Vaidik Until now the United Nations has officially recognized only six languages of the world-English, French, Chinese, Russian, Hispani and Arabic. Interestingly, the number of Hindi speaking people are many times more than those who speak these six languages.  Similarly, Hindi is above the six languages in her script, grammar, pronunciation and number of […]

    The Prophet – Controversy

    Dr  Vedapratap Vaidik  The controversial remark on Prophet Muhammad has become a subject of hot debate within in India and in certain Islamic countries.   The two BJP officials have unconditionally apologized for their contentious remarks, but the issue is still to subside.  The Indian government has also not taken any side in this issue. However, […]

    Politics is no more any social service

    Dr Vedapratap Vaidik State legislators constitute the electoral college of the Rajya Sabha. In the general elections political parties employ different tactics to sway the electorate in their favour.  But during the Rajya Sabha election it is being noticed that the same parties who got the MLAs elected are making every effort to  prevent them shifting […]

    Quote by Dr Nilanjan Banik, Prof Finance and Economics at Mahindra University on RBI Policy update

    Sharing quote by Dr Nilanjan Banik, Prof Finance and Economics at Mahindra University on RBI Policy updates “RBI did the right thing by increasing the repo rate. This will complement the government’s approach to contain inflation by reducing the excise duty on petrol and banning wheat and sugar exports. When monetary and fiscal policy works […]